Videos of Lesson's performance at Baybeats 2008

This is a super overdue post!! In fact I’ve got too many over over overdue posts waiting to be written. Looks like I’ve to think of a way to get everything out in a single post. Hmm…

Anyway, one fine Friday night, we (Daphne, Hendri and myself) headed down to The Esplanade to catch Leeson‘s performance at Baybeats 2008. When I first heard their song, I immediately fall in love with them! They totally changed my impression of local bands. They have their original songs and they’re unlike those super noisy bands. (sorry but I’m not a fan of noisy music.) First impressions, they almost sound like the kind of songs by Jason Mraz, whom I adore! So when I got a notification from Brian aka litford in facebook, I just had to cancel my original crab outing and go listen to them perform live!

Here are some videos I took from that night… bad angle! But the place was packed with people when we reached. If only the staff at Thai Express had not mixed up our orders and delayed our dinner, we would have gotten a better seat! *frustrated*

Some Girls – My FAVORITE!!

Absolute Beginners

Mr and Mrs

You can also listen and download their songs over at myspace. That reminds me! I need to get a myspace account so I can download their songs cause their EP was SOLD OUT!!