My first exploration with my <a href="">NHB season pass</a> was to the latest addition to the Singapore Art Museum, <a href="">8Q sam</a>. To me, 8Q sam is a place with many rooms of amazing wonders.

My first exploration with my NHB season pass was to the latest addition to the Singapore Art Museum, 8Q sam.

8Q sam is a contemporary art space with fresh, multi-disciplinary, interactive and community oriented programming; a place where the public can directly experience the work and ideas of living artists, and in relation to its aesthetic and social context.

Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the diversity of contemporary art practices ranging from painting and sculpture, to installation, film & video, photography, new media, performance art and sound art.

At the main lobby and ticketing counter

To me, 8Q sam is a place with many rooms of amazing wonders. It was as though I was on an exploration in the former school site of Catholic High. Every exhibition room I entered, I didn’t know what to expect. In order not to destroy the sense of surprise, I refused to read any information outside the room before entering. The experience was amazing!

On exhibition now is 8Q-Rate: School, featuring eight young contemporary Singaporean artists. 8 curators worked with 8 artists, and they collectively explored on the theme of “school” in response to the site and location of 8Q. There were installations, new media, sound works, and street-inspired art at 8Q-Rate: School exhibition. Check out some of them in a new project site of mine – Rediscover Singapore.

If you’re around the area, you must go check out the exhibition! Especially the display by Donna Ong and Tan Kaisyng! These two are the one that really sent shivers up my spine! (I’m a very timid girl!) I even had to run out of a room when I heard the sound and saw the image! Find out more about the exhibition here.

There’s also the Masriadi: Black is My Last Weapon exhibition on now till 9 November.

The exhibition desires to evoke and present a striking portrait of Masriadi through four thematic sections, each providing a different angle to understand different façades of Masriadi’s personality, his commitment to painting and the formal and thematic aspects in his works.

I giggled when I saw some of his paintings. And his every piece of work tells a story that many of us may relate to. His work is on the 4th floor of 8Q, occupying two exhibition rooms.

Tickets to 8Q sam for adult is only $3! Don’t need to think! Just go! It’s worth it!