I’ve seen this many times, each time I see the scene, my heart breaks. I try to imagine myself in the parents shoes. How would I have felt to see my kids like this. But I guess this is a problem faced by quite a number of families these days. There may be certain reasons for this to happen. But no matter what, it’s sad to see a family sitting together at the same time but there’s just no conversation exchanged.

The common sight I’ve seen…
A family of 4, parents and 2 children (even kids up to their teens), seated down at a table for meal. They’ll be eating their meal off from their own plates and there’ll be silence. Both the kids would have earpieces plugged into their ears and they’ll be blocked out of all conversation and noise from around them. The parents just continued taking their meals without requesting their children to remove their earpieces.

Throughout the entire meal, not a single word was exchanged.

This is so sad isn’t it? Imagine your kids not wanting to listen nor talk to you even when you’re together having a meal! I would never want this to happen to my children in the future. What has caused this kind of situation to happen? Is it the generation gap between the parents and the kids? Or its the way the kids were brought up?

With the increase of living standards, both parents have to be out working everyday and who’s there to look after and spend quality time with the kids? The maid? The grandparents? No one??? Government is calling for married couples to have more kids, but on the other hand, they want Singapore economy to prosper and grow, which directly means an increase in the living standard for all and also means that parents have to spend more time at work trying to keep their job and bring home the money to feed the kids. That may be one of the cause for the widening gap between parents and kids. There may be many other reasons, but what are we doing to solve this?

Personally I’m not for couples to give birth to kids and than have no time for them. Giving them money to spend is not right! If you’ve no time for them, don’t give birth to any kids! With Abang being in a special school for kids, I’ve seen and heard just too many stories about them and the family they come from. Seriously, be responsible to yourself and the society. If not, what world will it become in the future? Hope that day will not come so soon.

Think before you decide to start planning for kids.