A letter for Minmin

When will we get to hug and spend time together again?

Its been 5 months since we last saw you. How have you been? Are you taller now? Have you gained weight or lost more of it since April? How are you doing in school? Did anyone bully you in class? Did you learn any new songs from school?

The last time we saw you, you have grown so big and your laughter filled our hearts. It was so fun to have you with us, playing with my camera and recording videos of pure happiness together.

Min, do you know how much Ayah and Mummy misses you? Every week we will wait for a call of hope from that woman. But for the past 150days, there wasn’t any news from you. We wanted to get in touch, but we were never given a number to call. Ayah misses you very very much. I could see tha pain and sadness in his eyes when there wasn’t a call from you.

Hari Raya is coming soon, and as the past 4 years, we’ve never been able to celebrate it with you. Through the entire month before Hari Raya, we wouldn’t get to see you. And through the month of Raya, we’ll never get a chance to see you too. This really upsets Ayah’s family a lot. But there’s nothing we could do.

And today, she called. The familiar private number on the screen. Ayah knew the reason for the call. We know it too well. All that woman cares about is money. And we even felt that she’s using you as a form to get the monthly extra money from Ayah. We don’t know where she uses those money. We hope it all goes to your education, your needs and buying things you want. And being the festive season, Ayah would usually give you more to buy new clothes and shoes. But in order to force that woman to call him, he had to transfer just the usual allowance. And true enough, she called. Giving all the lame excuses for not allowing us to see you for the past 150 days.

What she didn’t know is Ayah has taken action. He didn’t want to do it. But she left him with no choice. We want to give the best to you Min. We want to be able to spend time with you and love you too.

Minmin, we miss you very very much. When will we meet again?

Love you very much.
Ayay and Mummy