Yeah! Finally something that’s new for me to write about! I was very excited when I received my first laptop review unit! Here’s my take on the Lenovo U330 laptop. All views posted are personal experiences with the machine over 2 weeks.

The Lenovo U330 is pretty compact and has a steady build. Equipped with dual graphic processor which allows a switch between the Intel integrated and the ATI graphics.

A closer look at the ports and “holes” around the machine…

On the left side

On the right side

In the front

The Lenovo U330 can also double up as a home theater system!

Having used the macbook trackpad for long, any other trackpad seems so small for my fat fingers. The one on the Lenovo 330, though smaller, but I got used to using it pretty fast. If they can make the scrolling on the right more sensitive or slightly bigger, it might help make it more usable. The buttons for the mouse is a tad too light for my liking.

The keyboard is very nice to type on. The fingers got used to it immediately on the first touch.

Also tried watching a movie on DVD with the Lenovo U330. The movie was crystal clear and the sound experience was pretty good! Slightly better than my mac’s sound quality. But still can’t beat watching it with my X-mini plugged in.

I wanted to try out on the switchable graphic feature to test the duration each will last on the battery. To see how much longer will the Intel graphic last as compared to the ATI one. However, the sad thing was the battery that came with my review unit was not working properly. I’d fully charged the night before and when I switched in on the first time the next day, the battery level dropped to only 40%! Thought I could have missed something out the first try, so I charged it fully again a second time. But it happened again! Anyone using the Lenovo U330 encounter the same problem too?

I think this is not the first time a laptop has battery problem. Hope Lenovo will do something about it and solve the problem soon.

Other than the disappointing battery, all else is good.

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Click here to view photos taken with Nikon D40