When I was writing CtG1, I was told something exciting was coming soon from Canon's DSLR range. And in CtG 2, there was the announcement of <a href="http://claudia.sg/2008/09/claud-talks-gadgets-vol2/#alpha900">Sony Alpha 900</a>. And now, I'm excited to share that Canon has launched their new DIGIC 4 processor and its powering the new EOS 5D Mark II! Also in this issue, review of Samsung Omnia and I share 2 exciting events that's coming very soon...

Hello hello! Sorry for the delay! I know Vol. 3 is late! My bad. *spank* I’ll try my best to keep CtG issues as regular as possible. So what’s on for this delayed issue of Claud talks Gadgets?

In this issue…
1. Canon 5D Mark II is here!
2. Review: Samsung Omnia
3. Things are happening on Oct 18!


Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR is here!

When I was writing CtG1, I was told something exciting was coming soon from Canon’s DSLR range. And in CtG 2, there was the announcement of Sony Alpha 900. And now, I’m excited to share that Canon has launched their new DIGIC 4 processor and its powering the new EOS 5D Mark II!

This DSLR incorporates many breakthrough technologies including full-frame HD recording! YES! You can now record high quality HD video and take super quality photos using the same camera.

The EOS 5D Mark II is a new 21.1 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor that has improved output amplifier and more advanced color filter. Packed with Canon’s latest DIGIC 4 image processor, it combines ultra-fast image processing with an expansive ISO range of up to 25,600 to deliver continuous high-speed shooting. Even in the most challenging lighting conditions!

I only managed to fondle this hot babe for less than 5 minutes as it was the main highlight that day. Too many men was fondling with it for too long. So I can’t tell you much about the camera yet. If I ever got a chance to play with it again, I’ll write more about it.

EOS 5D Mark II will be available in Singapore soon. Price is unknown during launch.

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Reviewing the Samsung Omnia

After my previous review of the Samsung F480, I was given the option to review the Omnia too. So this review, I’ll be making some comparison of the F480 and the Omnia (also known as SGH-i900). If you’ve been planning to get either of them, let me share with you my thoughts.

Samsung Omnia (SGH-i900)

My focus of the review will be the camera (photo quality), using the web on the phone and the overall user experience.

During the two weeks of trying the phone, I brought it out to several places. Here are some photos I took with the Samsung Omnia…

Day light: National Museum of Singapore

Night shot: Watching the first F1 night race at Suntec

Macro: Damaged keyboard at Ikea

Indoor: SMB4 panel at URA Center

Under all the above conditions, this 5.0megapixel camera on the Omnia is relatively good. Quality and speed is almost the same as the F480. But of course, if you’re expecting quality with a point-and-shoot camera, than these might not match up to par. From my experience, mobile phone cameras is still unable to replace the digital cameras. But it provides the accessibility to a camera when one needs it.

I also took a few shots of the same objects under the same lighting with my Canon Ixus camera and the Samsung Omnia camera. And here is a comparison of the shots. (Taken at a fastfood outlet with indoor lights.)

Taken with Omnia

Taken with Ixus 950IS

Take note of the color difference in the above photos. The Ixus gives a brighter and more saturated color as compared to the ones by the Omnia. One thing lacking for Omnia is the ability to choose the focus point, hence the difference in the sharpness of the photos. The colors of shots by the Omnia is also pretty realistic too.

A side-by-side comparison.

(Larger version)

However the Omnia surprisingly takes sharper photos of text. Below is a comparison of the two shots I took, focusing on the words on the pens. This is useful for those, like me, who instead of scribbling down notes on paper, prefer to just take a shot of it and use it for reference. Especially useful for “photo-copying” from books, whiteboards, friend’s notes, product descriptions etc… you know what I mean.

(Larger version)

Next, let’s take a look at the short video clip I did for the Samsung Omnia. In the video, I show you the web browsing speed on the phone and also some other features of the phone.

Overall my experience with the Omnia wasn’t as good as I thought it will be. I would give it a 3 out of 5 rating. Due to the nature of the phone, WinMobile OS and bigger screen, the battery life is not as long as the F480. The size of the phone is also not very comfortable to hold during snapping of photos and storing in the jeans pocket.

The keyboard on the Omnia is too small for my fat fingers and the touchscreen gets quite tricky to control at times. Perhaps again due to my fat fingers. I’ve not really toyed with an iPhone yet, so I can’t tell you how it compares. But than both uses different technology for the touch sensor. So it shouldn’t be compared also. If you don’t need the window mobile features, and/or prefer an easier to use phone, I would recommend you to buy the F480 instead if you’re looking at getting either one of them. BUT!! If you can wait a little while, there might be something coming soon that’s going to be pretty close to these 2 phones but of course with better features. :)

For more details and demo of the Samsung Omnia, check out Samsung Omnia page. Price varies with mobile plan. Please check with your mobile provider.

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Shooters alert! – 2 happening events on Oct 18!

Are you a shutterbug like me? Two exciting events are happening on the same day! And I’m torn between which to attend! There will be 2 photo competition on Oct 18, 2008. If you’re interested to join in some fun and shoot some photos, check out the following events!

Canon Photomarathon 2008

This is a photo contest that encourages you to go out and capture new images. Three themes will be released through the day, and you can only submit images captured during the day itself for the contest. It’ll be a whole day event starting from 7.30am where participants will be gathering at Suntec Convention Centre for registration and the release of the first contest theme.

What’s up for grab? Fantastic prizes which includes Canon DSLR cameras, iPod Nano and even a chance to fly to New Zealand for an 8-day EOS Explorer of Light Photo Workshop worth $7000!

More details available at Canon Photomarathon 2008 website. I heard they’re closing registration soon! If you’ve not signed up, do so quick!

Spot & Shoot 2008: Feast on the Past!

If a marathon is not your cup of tea, there’s also a photography competition on food and history for youths by the National Museum of Singapore. This is your chance to test your knowledge on monuments and historical food places in Singapore. A seven-hour photo competition with a twist. Decipher the clues given and capture your answers with your camera. Cash prizes and NMS Family membership up for grabs!

More details and registration form available on NMS website. (Click on ‘What’s On’ > ‘Other Events’ to access the page.)

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