I carry around at least one notebook everywhere I go. Some are small and light, while one is 13″ and pretty heavy. That’s my macbook lah! Till I get a lighter (digital) notebook, I’ll have to carry on bringing the heavy macbook almost everywhere I go. :(

My notebooks are my thinking tools. My brain works at the weirdest hour and strangest location. And some of you might already have heard this too many times, due to my low memory processor, I tend to forget things very easily. So I’ll always try to write down thoughts and ideas when they come in my (non-digital) notebooks.

Thanks to the many goodie bags received, I’ve got too many notebooks to use! But the two notebooks on top of the pile are the main ones I use almost daily for the past couple of months. The rest are either empty or has a few pages with scribbled thoughts.

When one does too much typing and blogging with the fingers, it’s nice to write and scribble with pen on paper. That’s why I’m still using notebooks instead of punching those ideas into my phone. Sometimes I just feel that ideas flow more easily when I’m scribbling or doodling.

The beautiful black book

Recently I received a black book from Daniel. He shared with me this book he bought and I got excited. This is THE IDEA BOOK that everyone should get! Already filled with 150 pages of ideas or questions to provoke your thinking for even more ideas. And 150 blank pages for you to fill in your very own ideas. How cool is that? The purpose of this book is for you to fill the pages up with thoughts and ideas. But because the book is too beautiful, I have not taken the step to ink it yet! I have to do it! If not it really is wasting this precious black book. Waaaaaa!! But I really cannot make myself do it leh! -_____-” Why must the author make this book so pretty?

The Idea Book by Fredrik Haren

I love that phrase! And I remember seeing ssumin mentioned on plurk, something like “Ideas are free. Share them!” So don’t just keep those ideas to yourself. Share them! If the idea is yours, you’ll have to ram it down their throats eventually! Woohooo!!

You can find out more about The Idea Book at the official website. To get a copy for yourself, you’ll only be able to find it at BooksActually, No.5 Ann Siang Road.

Once I get over the “Oh-so-pretty-book” stage, I should be able to scribble my ideas and thoughts down and fill the remaining 150 pages.

Can’t wait for the day where the book will be filled with many wonderful ideas!

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