To help motivate myself to bring my cameras (the big one) out more often, and also to have a channel for me to share my photos, I’m starting a new series of posts here at Claudia Continues To Talk.

I was coming up with a name to call this series, thought of using Claud talks ‘something’ again, after the series on Claud talks Gadgets and Claud talks Social Media. But find that its strange to use ‘talk’ as this series wouldn’t have much talking in it.

As this idea came in the middle of the night, my mind is just too lazy to think of any good title to go with it. So I’ve decided to call it Claud’s Viewfinder.

In Claud’s Viewfinder, I’ll be sharing random photos which I took and I hope these photos will allow you to enjoy the beautiful things and scenes that I come across during my daily life. There’s no limit to the type of photos I’ll share. It’ll all depend on what I want to share and what I have in my photo folders.

I am excited about this series as taking photos is something that I enjoy doing. I hope you will enjoy the series too.

Claud’s Viewfinder coming soon…