Everyone is invited to join the many people who’ll be attending the 4th Social Media Breakfast happening this Saturday!

If you’re new to SMB|SG and is scratching your head wondering if you should join us, don’t have to scratch anymore! Just come! Everyone is very friendly and most of us are crazy people too! We talked about almost everything and anything under the sun! Yes! Not just on Social Media, New Media or any other media. And please don’t expect an invitation from us k! Cause there’s none! Just come! EVERYONE is welcome!

Please also note that we’ll be starting to collect a nominal fee at registration from SMB4 onwards. You are free to drop in any amount of money you think its worth giving for a SMB session. Suggesting about $2/pax. We will be keeping an open ledger on SMB|SG website to show where these money are used and all money collected goes to the organising of SMB sessions. Such as catering of food, buying of stationery, rental for venue, covering the cost of any necessary materials needed for SMB sessions. We hope you will give generously but within your means of course.

Details of SMB4 here! See you on Saturday!