While returning to reading blogs which I’d not been reading for very very long, this thought just happened to hit on me. Hard. And having met and spoke to some of them in the past, it just scares me even more. Some have been talking about the responsibilities of bloggers and what not. But how do you, as a reader or even part of his/her community, know who this person really am?

Are you sure you really know who I am?
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Let’s imagine this scenario…

A and B are both blogging on their own blogs. A is a friend/family of B. A is pretty active in a community and wants to do something for the community. Other than writing about B’s own life, B also shares how B felt about A, and how much A has done to help B succeed. B makes A shines like a super star. C, D, E to G reads A’s and B’s blog. C to G believes that whatever B wrote about A and worship the ground of A. But what C to G don’t know is that A has been logging in using B’s password and editing or even writing the posts about A itself! A wants the world to know that A is the best and B cannot live without A. A may be the public figure in the community, but A as part of the community, how much do you really know about A?

That’s just an example of what might happen in the blogging world. Whatever that’s written on the blog may be fictional that’s made to believe. You never know who the real person is writing those entries. I can always start a Claud-fan blog or a Claud-hate blog. All these to build up the persona of Claud, be it good or bad. But is this necessary? Are you running an election campaign right here?

“I can have 2 sides of me. But are you aware of it?”

The world is getting smaller as the internet gets bigger. Suddenly everyone online starts getting to know more new friends online. 80% of the conversation and discussion and things happen online. And the thing about being online is anyone can have as many personalities and characters as they want. There’s no one rule that says Man Z can only have one identity in the huge cyberspace. This makes things very scary. If Man Z’s multiple personality is kept a secret till the day he dies, than good for him. If not, can you imagine the consequences he has to face for all the possible things that one man has/had done?

I’m not going to let myself get affected by such things online. I have a life (outside of this cyber world). I will continue to stay true to my unique identity and will ignore whatever noise that may be taking place around me. Ignorance is bliss. And I hope I can continue to ignore. Can you?