Claudia's take on the movie Mamma Mia! and she tries walking through the movie with you using video clips from the show.

A movie worth keeping! If you’re a ABBA fan, loves the music, loves the songs and loves a great musical movie, you’ve got to watch Mamma Mia! I laughed, giggled, sang and cried while watching the movie. Love it!!

Mamma Mia is about this girl who’s getting married and wanted her real dad to give her away.

In order to find out who her real dad was, she sneaked her mother’s dairy and read it. Discovered that there were three possible men who could be her father! Yap! Her mother was quite a lover and loves to dot dot dot… LOL!

She secretly invited the three men to her wedding and when they arrived, and when the mother saw them, it was a ride down their memory lanes. The movie ended in the least expected way. This element of surprise made the movie memorable.

Mamma Mia the movie seems more like a script written for the songs by ABBA than a script trying to fit into the lyrics of the songs to the script. Although I’ve been listening to ABBA’s music since secondary school, I’d never really tried to understand the meanings behind the ear-catching tunes. This movie showed be the meanings behind the songs. And wow! It gave me a whole new perspective of ABBA’s music! Now I’m listening to their songs with a new heart and seeing images of the movie in my mind whenever the song is played.

Mamma Mia is a show not to be missed! Go catch it before it ends! Or you can wait for the DVD release! I want!!!

If you’ve not catch the show, here’s some teasers for you! Thanks to youtube! Ha! In order of the movie sequence…

Honey Honey

Money Money

Mamma Mia

When the mother met the 3 men again…


Dancing Queen

Lay All You Love On Me


The Winner Takes It All

Take A Chance on Me

Go check out the amazing website for the movie too!