v2.0 has been long overdue and we all know that. But everything happened for a reason. And for this, I know, U-zyn has been working hard on the codes and he finally managed to squeeze out v1.9 today! I am super excited about what’s to come in v2.0, but for now, the v1.9 already is giving pretty good additions and I’m loving them all!

Very first thing that you’ll see is the three new links on the homepage…

See the new links? Now there’s the Public, Friends and My Pings. What this means is now you can choose to follow the people you want on Ping and choose to view only their Pings! This also means that you don’t have to go to multiple blogs everyday to find update, you can just follow them on Ping (if they’re not there yet, ask them to join lah! make things easier for you and them) and get their latest feeds from there. Ya, I know there’s google reader and RSS readers, but I prefer to visit the blog leh.

Ignore all the mess and noise from the public feed and start following your friends’ feed now! Love this feature!

This is who I have on my friends and ignores list now…

but the friends list is sure going to grow soon!

And just to add, once a user is on your friends’ list, all their blogs will appear. So you don’t need to favorite all their blogs. And!!! Once a user is on your ignore list, all their blogs will be ignored! And they’ll not appear on your public timeline too! This is fabulous!

If you’re on, check out your profile page too!

Nice and neat layout. And you can see clearly who you’re following and who’s following me! And when I click on other’s profile, I can simply click on the “Follow so-and-so” button and their feed will appear on my Friend’s list!

And!! Every blogger wants to learn about their statistics! Don’t lie! Even when you said you’re not, deep down you know you are! :P So this new feature is going to be lovely…

Your monthly Ping statistics!

It shows the number of Pings, Pongs and Reads for the user. Nice graphs! Perhaps I should blog more so the pink line will go up and hopefully the blue and green will go up too! Hahaha!

These are the features I’ve spotted so far, perhaps I missed out some… and I’m sure there will have! So go discover it yourself ya! Tell me what I’ve missed and I’ll add them in!

Private Pong is now possible!

If you’re still unaware, users are able to view who pong-ed a post. And ever since, the pong numbers decreased, because users prefer to remain unknown and hence they don’t login and hence their pongs become reads. So with the private pong feature, users can now hide themselves and continue to pong like usual. Good and bad for this, but its still a feature that will surely be used.

Great work U-zyn! Keep on coding and bring back THE space for bloggers soon!