It has been almost two weeks since I was last able to connect using my mio broadband to all sites and blogs. But one day, my browsers simply refused to load some of my regular reads! The page will just take forever to appear, and when it does, this is all I saw…

While accessing SMB|SG

At Sheylara’s blog

And at Veron’s blog

It’s so frustrating when I can’t access the blogs and sites I want! Good thing I’ve a Starhub mobile broadband too, so when I have to access the sites that’s not loading on Singtel’s Mio broadband, I’ll use that.

When I saw Sheylara’s post on top 10, I did the broadband swapped and saw a comment to help solve my problem!

If you’re having problem too and is on Singnet or Singtel’s Mio BB, don’t bother calling their technical support, they’ll give you standard help and if all things failed, they’ll tell you, “Its your problem! Nothing wrong with our side! That’s the kind of hell I get from them when I called them for the last time.

Thanks to cowgOesmOo for the solution. Here’s what you can do…

In your browser setting, (or browser preferences), go to network connection settings.
Select Manual proxy configuration.
Set the http proxy to:
and change the port to: 8080

That will solve the problem! Well, at least it did help solve mine for now! Hope Singtel’s resolve their router and server soon.