Claudia's reflection, thoughts and take on Social Media Brunch 4 - The beginning, process, event and after... P/s: This post is pretty long...

It was quite a rush getting SMB4 confirmed and I’m so glad that it finally happened! And thanks to many friends, supporters and those of you who came!

The remaining 60% at the end of SMB4

First a brief background of the planning for SMB4…
Some of you might be wondering why SMB4 happened so soon after SMB3. It all happened one night at a blogger outreach event. Most of us were chatting and suddenly I was called to talk about SMB4! Willy volunteered to share his experience on the use of Social Media tools for his work and than the panel discussion idea came up. As there was a schedule clash, Oct 4 was the only Saturday for SMB4. So over the past 1 month, I’d been trying to gather and connect the panelists. Amazingly, all these were done through facebook and with help of google doc.

Due to the short period for planning, I was frantically trying to look for a suitable location for the setting and the kind of crowd we’re expecting. With just 2 weeks to go, I was still trying to confirm the venue! Some of the places which have been shortlisted for SMB4 includes Sinema Old School, Tangs, Going OM and a few others. I was sweating already when nothing seem to be confirmed even at 1 week before the planned date! Thanks to the help from friends at NHB, I finally managed to get in touch with Sabrina from URA who has very kindly agreed to host SMB4. The huge rock in my chest had finally cracked and I could breathe again!

Lesson learnt #1: Set an event date at least 2 months in advance and confirm a venue waaaaay before the dateline! Especially if you’ve got limited budget or in our case, ZERO budget for venue and catering. So now, I’m going to get the team started with the planning for 2009 SMB sessions! This is NOT being kiasu ok! This is call planning!


Spreading SMB4 through word of mouth

When I knew SMB4 was happening on Oct 4, I started spreading the words out to people I met. Thanks to the opportunities given by few friends I met, I got to meet quite a number of new friends from the industry and corporate side of the fence. And while chatting, I mentioned about SMB to them and they were interested to find out more. Very happy that SMB is attracting the business people’s attention too. So with a friendly note to them when SMB4 was confirmed, these new found friends came! Words can’t describe the happiness I felt inside when I saw them on Saturday. I hope they’ve gained some new ideas and insights towards approaching Social Media. And there’s so much more to learn and share! This 3 hour was just the beginning.

In fact, SMB has always been spreading the words out through word of mouth too! And mostly online using the many channels of Social Media. With the growing numbers in SMB’s facebook group and the number of people coming for SMB sessions, who can say Social Media isn’t powerful and useful?

And now the problem is to find out how we can reach out to those people who’s not in facebook, not reading blogs and those who’re not online yet! Hmm…


It’s happening!
On October 4th, it was amazing how I managed to get through first half of the day without any sleep the night before! (I’ll blog about this next) I was like high on drugs the moment I stepped out of the house at 9am. Tried to catch some sleep in the train, changed to a wrong train at Outram station and finally floated my way to URA center at 10am.

Can you see the “drug addict” face on me?

I feel so guilty having to only see the whole picture of the discussion this morning when I reviewed the videos and read the post by Dorothy. And then I realised my points shared during the discussion on bloggers outreach wasn’t the points that I should have said! My apology to those who got confused by my incoherent sharing. As I was hovering everywhere, in and out of the Theatrette, throughout the 3 hour, I only managed to listen to bits and pieces of the sharing and discussion. :(

I’m also guilty that I only had chance to meet a couple of new friends yesterday. I’ve been smiling to many new faces but didn’t have chance to meet. And I didn’t manage to talk and catch up with a whole lot of people whom I’d planned to! So sorry if we didn’t get to catch up. But let’s do coffee/lunch one day ok? I’ll be in touch with you soon!

Panel discussion at SMB4

There may be mixed feelings and thoughts about the discussion that took place at SMB4, and the way it was conducted, but overall, I felt that SMB4 is a good start to the many things that SMB|SG can provide and contribute to the social media scene in Singapore. Although there’s still much to learn, change and improve on, from the feedback I’ve gotten so far, the future for SMB|SG is encouraging. We are also gathering feedback and suggestions for SMB4! Hope you can help us shape the ideal future SMB sessions.

I would like to personally thank all the following people for contributing to SMB4 one way or another!

The SMB|SG team…
Shermeen for coordinating the catering and coming down on Saturday even when you’re still recovering.
Dorothy for stepping up to taking on the role of doing your very first live blogging. Great work!
Sheylara for helping with the many proof-reading and getting our internal discussions going. And thanks for helping out at the reception! It’s great to have 2 pretty ladies (Shermeen and Sheylara) welcoming our guests. :)
Derrick for ensuring people don’t get lost at URA and helping to get those extra cutlery for the food.
Daryl for supporting and being there through the session even thou its late at night over at Canada.

Friends on the panel…
Willy for volunteering to share and bringing down your wonderful crew from Live!Studio!
Derrick for sharing and the pretty notebooks for the early birds.
Pat for contributing to the pre-panel discussions in facebook and sharing your insights.
Supriya for helping with the pre-planning of SMB4 and contributing to the discussion.
Benjamin and Daniel for agreeing to be part of the panel despite the very last minute notice and sharing your experiences with us all.

Kimberly and Walter from NHB for hooking us up with URA.
Sabrina from URA for allowing us to use the venue and coming back on Saturday to attend and bring us round Singapore City Gallery.

New friends who came to support and participate…
Kimberly, Kenny and David from NHB, Cheryl from Tangs, Karen from HBO, Raymond and team from H&K, Sin Yee and Carrie from Canon, Olivia from Sinema, Terrence from Harro and the many many others who were present.

Thank you all very very much!!


I have a dream…

I’ve always been called a dreamer. I dream of doing big things that some has encouraged and some has not. But I always believe that everyone should have a dream or a goal to work towards. With my little experience with the buzz word ‘Social Media’, and my zero education background of anything PR or media or communication, I have a dream.

I have a dream of creating a space for the growth and forming of the Social Media scene here in Singapore. When I first learned about SMB through Daryl’s blog, I see this dream taking shape. When I finally got the chance to spend more time to participate and contribute, I’m hoping that this dream of mine can grow and take shape together with the team at SMB|SG.

I dream that SMB|SG will one day be able to function on a more structured environment.
I dream that we will grow and be a name that people wants to talk about.
I dream that we will be able to host the first Social Media Conference here in Singapore! (Very big dream huh?)

What about your dream? Do you have a dream similar to mine too? Perhaps dreamers with the same dream can gather and create our dreams together!


Some other places you might want to check out on SMB4…

For all links and updates on SMB4, please check out SMB4 blog post here.

For discussions on ‘Corporate Adoption of Social Media‘ and many other Social Media related discussions and topics, please participate in SMB|SG forum.


And finally, for those who’re not on facebook, here are some of the photos taken at SMB4 by Willy’s team from Live!Studios.

Panelists – Derrick, Pat, Supriya, Daniel and Benjamin

Audience and Panelists at SMB4

Live Blogging by Dorothy

Live updates on Twitter by @NTT and @litford…

Participation from the floor…

Melvin and Coleman

Some of the nice people at SMB4…

That’s the end of my long post… thanks for reading. Hope I’d not bore you with more of my incoherent writing! So… any thoughts to share? Of if you’re too shy to post, you can always drop me a message here.