I was told a real story today. And it hurts but shows that everyone can be strong when the need arises. If a 13-year-old can do it, you can too.

I’m going to call the two sisters Mandy and Gina. (These are not their real name.)

Mandy is 14-yr-old and has a brain disease (too much liquid in brain or something) since young. She has gone through numerous operations. So much that the doctor cannot do anymore operation on her already. No matter how severe or needed is the operation, she can’t have it. She walks with a limb and her body is badly aligned due to the many ops she has in her brain and spine. Mandy’s only hope is be able to experience work in her school during the holiday. (With her condition, she can never be able to work anywhere.)

Gina is the younger sister of Mandy’s. She’s 13 and studies in a secondary school.

Recently their family threw a small celebration for Gina’s good result in her exam. On the day of the celebration, Mandy fell off the stairs. She was bleeding furiously and blood was all over the floor. Gina saw it and she held her sister in her arms. Being as strong as she could, she told Mandy not to worry and comforted her that she’s not losing much blood. Gina held back her tears and fears… till Mandy was sent to the hospital in an ambulance. Gina ran to their mother and cried her heart out. She totally broke out from the strength she had when she was with Mandy. She told her mother how scared she was when she saw that happened to her sister. And she felt guilty for all that happened.

Mandy is now still in the hospital. She lost a lot of blood but is currently stable. But there’s nothing that the doctor could do to help improve her situation. Everyone in her family knows and understands that its just a matter of time for Mandy to go. Mandy knows for herself too. She even insisted that she wants to go to a school camp next week, but she’s just too fit for any of such activities. Mandy just wants to spend the last period of her life living and experiencing all that she can. When her principal visited her in the hospital, she asked what Mandy wants. Mandy said she wants to experience working in the school’s office during the holiday. So that’s what she’s going to do. The Principal will pay her for her effort and hope she’ll enjoy her working experience.

I want to salute Gina for her strength for holding on to Mandy when she needed her after the fall. And her whole family too for taking things with so much faith and strength. I wish Mandy all the best and hope she’ll stay strong too and live her life to the fullest possible.

May strength stay with Mandy and her family.