This post is 100% suitable for the young.

There’s nothing kinky, just 3 gals having a great time chilling at Supperclub.

Besides the three gals having fun and chilling out in bed, there were couple of eye candies too! *slurps*

A while back, I attended a Canon VIP (as put it by them, VIP = Very Important Press) event at Supperclub. The usual gang, Nadnut, Rinaz and myself were invited and as usual, we were ogling at the latest camera launched by Canon, including the yummilicious Canon 5D Mark II.

Unlike the other press event, this one was kinda more like a party, with performances to entertain the press and there were free flow of drinks and food at the Supperclub! I love how they serve their food! So creative lah!

Cute guy Fries anyone?

Sexy girl Chocolate cream to die for!

Pockets filled with yummy sandwiches!

Very interesting way of serving isn’t it? Wonder if they serve like this too at their usual dining days.

And here’s the three of us in bed at the Supperclub…

Cheers to Canon!

Photos in this post taken with various Canon cameras, including the Canon Ixus 950IS, Canon Ixus 980IS and the Canon PowerShot G10.