Yes! All these photos which you’ll see are taken in a very special school. Remember the school prize award night which I attended and cried? What you’re going to see are the works of the dedicated teachers, principals and staff at Northlight School. All these in hope to help motivate the children to work hard, play hard and excel. This is what I call a holistic education system.

There are two such recreation rooms within the two campus at Northlight School. These rooms are where students in the school go to after their lessons and CCA. One of the purpose of these rooms is to keep them within the school and off the streets.

One of the most important responsibilities for the teachers is to spend time understanding their students, counseling them, sharing experiences and guide them to the right path. And playing is one of the best way to do that isn’t it?

Teachers and students interacting through play.

There are Xbox, PS2, Gamecube and Wii consoles!

Besides these recreation rooms, there are many more special rooms that are used for education purposes. And here are a few of them which I visited…

A shop ran by students taking retail operations lessons

A hotel standard restaurant for training

Next to this are two professionally equipped kitchens where students learn how to prepare restaurant standard food, taught by professionals from Shatec.

And there’s even a hotel room!

Impressive huh? I salute to Northlight School!

If you would like to find out more about Northlight School, do visit their website.