I blame it all on the following…

  1. my 8mp phone, innov8
  2. my under used singtel mobile broadband
  3. and my latest addiction with posterous.com!

Let me tell you why its so awesome!

As many some of you know, I started posting random shots and posts on tumblr awhile back.

This is my tumblr

I like the ease of use and simple interface that makes blogging so simple and fun. Than when I discovered that I can post via email, I was thrilled! I can send emails via my mobile phone anywhere I want and my photos and videos get posted online almost instantly! So I started tumblr-ing almost everyday.

Than one day, I decided I need to find a fast and easy way to post up my tons of junks online so that people can see them and hopefully buy them. So I thought the easiest way for me is to post it up on tumblr. But I wanted it to be a dedicated blog hosting all my for sale stuff, I created another tumblr blog. And when I try to set another email in tumblr to send posts directly to only my garage sale tumblr, I can’t find a solution.

And that’s how I chanced upon Posterous.com. Almost instantly, I fell in love with posterous! And that’s how I got my things posted…

in my garage sale tumblr…

in facebook…
this is a little buggy thou. sometime it works sometime it doesn’t. i’m still trying to figure out what’s wrong with this. because derrick seem to have it working fine. Hmmm…

and you can post it to many more sites too!

So I thought why not start a blog to collect random things about myself and what I do daily so that people who’s as bo liao as me can follow my life from my lifestream blog. (Idea somehow copied from Brian’s but no I’m not selling my life as he’d planned.)

Hence the start of claudialim10.blogspot.com

This blog will be totally meepok blog that’s totally random and totally bo liao. This new blog is created so that I can continue to maintain this (old) blog of mine to be slightly more serious structured. So if you want to know what I’m up to in my daily life, head on over to my other blog.

Now the beauty of Posterous

If you’ve used tumblr or any email posting platform before, you’ll probably have a number of funny looking email addresses which you send your posts/photos to so that they’ll get posted up. Such service is common in social network sites like flickr, twitpic, facebook and others. But with posterous, its simple! You just have to send your email to post@posterous.com and their system will do the rest.

The difference between posterous and the rest (in my non-technical-point-of-view) is that they detect your emails via your send address, ‘From’, instead of the ‘To’ address. This way, every post you send via a different email address is being posted to a different account on posterous.

And to post to the various platform which you’ve added to your posterous account, all you need to do is to send the email to e.g. blog@posterous.com to post your entry to your registered blog or facebook+twitter@posterous.com to post to your facebook and twitter account! Or if you want your post to appear in all your registered accounts, just send an email to post@posterous.com! The clever system will do the rest.

Like tumblr, you also have a page on posterous where all your postings will be shown…

But that’s not the point, I will most probably not be adding my posterous url in my list of blogs as that blog to me is a collection of all the different things I want to post to the various sites I’m using. So if anyone should see it, it might just confuse them. So its rather pointless.

Tumblr vs. Posterous

From how I see these tools, each serves a different purpose. For example, if you want to set up a blog where you can get your community or team to post directly via email to, tumblr will be more suitable for you. Just get everyone to send an email to the unique address from your tumblr account and their posts get consolidated together in the single tumblr blog.

Posterous is more suitable for personal use I guess. Though they also supports posting to the same places with different ‘From’ email addresses. All can be set in the ‘Manage Contact Info’ page.

In conclusion, I’ll still be using tumblr and will be actively using posterous. But each will be used for a different purpose. It really depends on your own needs and purpose to using these platforms. These online tools are dead, its the person using it that brings them alive.

Are you convinced now that Posterous is cool? Give it a try and let me know your thoughts.

P/s: If you’re now lost with where to find my updates, here’s a breakdown of my personal blogs for your reference…

  1. Claudia.sg:
    this is where you can find my properly structured posts, reviews, sharing of serious stuff and my regular “blogazine”.
  2. claudialim10.blogspot.com:
    this is where you’ll see what i’m doing, where i am, and what’s happening around me whenever i’m awake and has my mobile phone with me. in short, my almost 99% real-life updates.
  3. claudia’s garage:
    this is where i’ll post up things that i want to sell or give away.
  4. claudia10.tumblr.com:
    this will be even more random than my blogspot postings. i’ll now probably be using this lesser unless there’re posts that doesn’t fit into my 2nd blog. and probably this will also be where i’ll send my photos to for any live blogging i’m doing.


And since I’ve got more blogs with more frequent postings, I’ve created a new twitter @claudialim10 for those who wants to follow my feed updates. That will purely be for my blog feeds only. I will still continue to twitter with my @claudia10 as form of communication.