Last night, I was at <b>Music Monster Festival</b> where Taiwan boy bands, <b>Energy</b> and <b>Bang Bang Tang</b> (Lollipop) were performing. It was my first up close and personal experience (within the Media area) at a live concert. Sharing some photos and my thoughts of the concert...

Last night, I was at Music Monster Festival where Taiwan boy bands, Energy and Bang Bang Tang (Lollipop) were performing. It was my first up close and personal experience (within the Media area) at a live concert.

Sharing some photos and my thoughts of the concert…

Totally inexperience with shooting such concert and all the photos didn’t turn out well. Was relieved that I had switched my D40 (malfunctioning flash) with Abang’s D60 after the day’s engagement shoot. If not, I would have ended up with 200 of blurred shots instead.

Here are the photos for Energy’s performance, which was great and my friends and I, with some 25% of those present, totally enjoyed ourselves. Energy has got great body, great voice, great dance moves and great charisma. But sadly, they’ve somehow lost their touch with the latest music market (as compared to Lollipop).

Kun Da

Kun Da again with tongue sticking out

Xiao Gang (newest member)

Kun Da and Xiao Gang

Kun Da, A Di and Shu Wei


Second group performing that night was latest craze Bang Bang Tang (Lollipop). Group of 6 young boys whom my friends and I felt was trying too hard to become Jpop. I know their fans are going to be sooo mad at me for saying this. But seriously, we felt that they’re better off hosting or acting in drama series. Yes, they can jump dance and sing, but during the concert, which I left after their first three songs, they were just all over the place. And their hair style… gosh!

And when they danced and went “我爱棒棒糖! 我爱棒棒糖!” (which brought their fans super high), my friends and I almost fainted! Sooo commercial lah! Ok I better stop before I start getting more hate mails/comments from their fans, which was like 85% of the crowd present at Music Monster Festival! *roll eyes* I wonder if they’ll be as popular two years down the road. That’s usually the lifespan of such bands isn’t it?

Ok! Ok! If you’re their fans, before you start throwing hate mails at me, scroll down and it might just calm you down (or bring you to even higher ecstasy…). Here are some photos of them on stage at Music Monster Festival…

Soooo cute right?? *ermmm….*

I can hear Lollipop fans screammmm!


Music Monster Festival was presented by Singtel and Sony Ericsson. Thanks to H&K for the tickets! And nope! These 3 brands didn’t pay me to blog about this nor mention them in this post. I just thought it’s basic courtesy to do it.

Sorry if this post is too cute for you. LOL!


I am NOT fan of either band who performed at Music Monster Festival. Whatever comments that I’ve made are my personal thought and the point of blogging is for the freedom of speech. And thus I will not edit nor hide any comments that you want to post. You have your personal thoughts and I respect that.

Thank you all for visiting and I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos.