After so long, finally today I went to visit SPCA! And there were many other animal lovers there too! The place is small but neatly kept. Of course, there’s the normal animal smell lingering in the air. But after awhile, you’ll just get used to it.

There were many dogs, cats and rabbits. But Baby Samuel caught my attention! I fell in love with him and my heart aches when I left SPCA without him. I’m trying hard to persuade mum to let me keep him at home. I want Baby Samuel!! He’s soooo adorable isn’t he?

Here are some photos and a video of us playing with Baby Samuel…

Are you taking a photo of me?

Come let me pose for you…

Will you take me home with you please?

And here’s the video clip I recorded with my Innov8…

Mummy! I want to bring Baby Samuel home please!!! I promise I’ll take good care of him, will toilet train him, and will shower him every week. Please please can I bring him home?

Photos and video by…

Click here to view photos taken with Samsung Innov8

9 Replies to “First vist to SPCA and I love this kitten!”

  1. Erm, whatever you do, please…


    Unless he’s covered in mud or something lah. Cats don’t need to be showered. They can clean themselves haha.

    And hope you convince your mummy! :)

  2. He’s super cute right!! Still trying hard to talk my mum for letting me bring him home. Hope he’s still waiting for me at spca.

  3. OMG OMG OMG – so so so cute! esp when he puts his paws on the grilles and looked at you… you MUST bring your Mom down to SPCA to see him in person…..

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