The Miss Lim in me got overly emotional as I observed the work and effort this group of very special teachers put in on Friday. It was my first visit to the school and I’m feeling the passion and true wisdom these teachers are imparting to this very special group of students.

It was Northlight School’s 2nd Prize Awards Night. It was a very simple affair, totally unlike those I was part of while in my teaching school. It may be simple, but I felt the appreciation from the students and parents. And the genuine support and love from the teachers was simply amazing! Never felt that strong of feeling through my three years in school. I was so touched that I teared! (Seriously I did!)

The NorthLight School aims to provide an engaging education for youth and prepare them for lifelong learning and employability.

The school adopts an experiential approach in teaching and learning. Emphasis is given to nurturing the students’ socio-emotional development by recognising their achievements, encouraging peer support, and creating conditions to promote self esteem.

At NorthLight School, every student is SPECIAL, has TALENTS, ASPIRATION and RESILIENCE.

A choice school to prepare youth for life and living, NorthLight School seeks to nurture confident, motivated and morally upright students. Graduates of the school will be dynamic and enterprising, enjoy lifelong learning, and make positive contributions to the community.

In my opinion, this school is a very special school that gives the second chance for students in education. Keeping class size small, 20 per class, and having their teachers concentrate solely on educating and guiding the students is the only way to go to provide a holistic education to this special group of students. It takes very strong passion and a huge heart to be able to guide and teach in Northlight. And I’m proud that Abang is part of it.

These group of students, when in the mainstream school, were not able to shine in their own way. But here at Northlight, they get to shine in their own ways. During the prize award night, there were awards given out to outstanding students in various specialties. I feel that this is the way education should be even in the mainstream schools. Why only reward those who excel in academic results or just sports? There’s so many more skills and talent every individual have. Shouldn’t they be celebrated and rewarded too?

See how happy and encouraging the teachers are! They are really very proud of the students achievements! And everyone there at the hall, parents, students, guests and staff were cheering and enjoying the simple yet meaningful celebration.

The entire teaching staff and even the Principal and Vice-principals joined in the finale performance with a very appropriate song “Lean on me”. Led by an American Idol standard singer the schools counselor whom I was told sings for the entire school weekly to encourage and motivate the students. And through my observation that day, he gels very well with all the students too. I think every school should have someone like him! It’ll help maintain order and increase everyone’s spirit that’s very much needed in mainstream schools.

I truly enjoyed myself during the celebration. Am very glad I got to be part of it.

I also took a short tour around the school before the ceremony. I’m shocked and couldn’t keep my mouth closed throughout the tour. I’ll keep that for the next post. You’ve got to see the school to believe it! I see how much the school is doing to help keep the students educated, entertained and encouraged. Even their school song is inspiring!

As shared by Student of the Year (year 4), Paul Tan

Northlight School
2 Dunman Road Singapore 439188
Tel 6580 6490