Caught Madagascar 2 – Escape to Africa yesterday at Kallang Leisure Park. It was our first show at Filmgarde cinema. And most probably our last too. More on that at the end of this post.

Madagascar 2 – Escape to Africa started with a travel back in time where Alex the Lion is still a cub. And boy he’s sooo cute when he’s young lah! His dad, is the king of Africa and while he was battling with another lion, Alex the cub got out of the protected reserve and was caught by hunters. That’s where he began his adventure and became the King of New York City Zoo.

The rest of the movie tells how the gang discover their roots, found true love, and rediscover their friendship at the jungle in Africa after a crashed landing of their plane that was supposed to bring them back to New York City.

Comparing Madagascar 2 to the first movie, this has lesser dancing, lesser fun and lesser laughter. It was less enjoyable too. The story is more educational though.

Few parts that really made us laughed out loud was when the penguins and the monkeys try to negotiate for maternity leave, and when Alex’s Dad joined him with the dance to save themselves from humans trapped in the jungle. Oh! And yes, the brave and strong grandma from previous Madagascar is also in part 2. Still as brave and strong as ever! She’s cute also lah! Haha!

Not a bad show for family to catch. School holiday’s coming, bring your whole family to catch this show.

Now… the cinema part… as mentioned, this might be our first and last time watching a movie at Filmgarde. The moment we stepped up to the cinema level, a pungent smell greeted us. Than when we stepped into the cinema, boy the smell! *coughs* The last time I come across a cinema that smells like this was when GV wasn’t renovated yet. And the seats were not comfortable too. Seems like someone has set too close to the edge and causes it to slide downwards. Anyone else went there to watch movie before too? I was in Cinema 4, wonder if the rest of the cinema smells the same and has sliding downwards chairs too?