If you’re planning to buy a new phone or get a Singtel broadband plan at Singtel Christmas Festival tomorrow, you might want to be prepared to spend the entire day there. That’s what happened to me today.

Spotted the quick TVC for Singtel Christmas Festival last night. And since mum wanted a new phone, I decided to go down to Suntec to get the phone at a special price.

There are music monsters there too! More about them later…

Being the beginning of school holiday, many exhibitions and events were happening at Suntec this weekend. And the place, as usual was packed like hell. (Not as hell as when there’s ITshow or during Sitex, but still packed!) Singtel’s occupying Hall 401-402 and there’s showcase of all the promotional phones as featured on their website.

I reached the place at around 4.30pm and there were people everywhere. And the queue for mobile phone purchase was kinda messy. I got my number and to my horror, I was 545 people away from the queue!

We went around looking at other events at the convention center, went to buy food, went around Suntec to shop and still we sat at the waiting area for so long! It was at 8.30pm when I finally get to sit in front of a counter to purchase my phone. 4 hours! That’s the longest time I had to wait so far to get a phone. All so to save $50 on the handset, save on cost of SIM card and registration fee and to get the $50 voucher for new line sign-up. If you’re not a broke as I am, you might want to just head down to Singtel shop to get your phones instead. Unless you’ve a whole day to spare waiting around tomorrow at Suntec.

So now, my mum is happy with her new phone. This is what I got for her…

LG Viewty @ $48

The other thing that made me happy was to see the blown-up music monsters bouncing and swaying around the hall. They’re also seen kissing and bumping into one another.

Don’t you find the monster ultra familiar? I mentioned about them before. I wonder if they’ll be at the Music Monster Festival next weekend too.

And while taking photo with one of these vibrating music monsters, the guy behind it tried to scare me with some funny groaning sound. LOL!

Final thought, if you’re tempted by the offers they’re offering at this roadshow, go down early and pray that not many others are there too. If not, be prepared to have your lunch and/or dinner there too.