Couple of days back, I was at The Cathay and spotted this giant TO DO board with hundreds of TO DO post-its!

Sadly, this installation has just ended its debut at The Cathay on 2 Nov 2008. But according to the description, they’ll be moving it around to other destinations too. You can find out more (hopefully they’ll update) on their website at TO DO blog.

Here are some interesting TO DO I spotted while I was there…

I wonder how tall this person is.

Who doesn’t want world peace?

I also want to be rich wor!

Sometimes its not good to have a hot dude bf!

Love this installation! Hope I’ll be able to spot one before the post-its are being filled up. I want to write on them too!

I’ve got an idea! How about a POST SECRET installation? Anyone wants to do it? It’ll be cool!!

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