To our sweetest girl Min,

It’s been 203 long and miserable days since we saw you. If only you know how much pain and misses these days have brought to Ayah and Mummy. We wrote you a letter a month ago, and till today, we have not been given any chance to see you at all.

You and your birthday cake in 2007

Do you remember the mini celebration we had together last year? Although it was just a simple celebration, but you were here with us. I can still hear you giggle shyly when we took out the cake, and how you’ll hide behind one of us so that you can cover your embarrassment. We hardly have chance to spend time together, with so many Ayah’s family members who love you. No wonder you’re always shy when we meet.

See how happy we were that day.

We don’t know what happened to the letter that we’d been expecting from family court for almost 2 months now. They said they will send a letter to both parties with a date for an appointment at the family court. But till now, there’s no sign of it. Ayah will call them up again soon, we really want to be able to see you, hug you and spend quality time with you again soon.

For the past few days weeks months, we had hoped for a call to tell us that we can take you out over the weekend, but none came. Every time we see a cute dress, we would love to buy it for you, but we don’t know how big you’ve grown already. When I see something pink with princesses and your favorite Dora on it, I want to buy them all for you… but when will you get to play with them?

Today is your 6th birthday! You must be brighter and more mature already. But I know, you will probably still not understand what is happening. We hope you will soon.

Happy Birthday Minmin!

You’ll always be our lovely girl!

Missing you and always loving you,
Ayah and Mummy

8 Replies to “You’re 6 today! And we miss you very much!”

  1. Claud, it is so sad that Min Min haven’t seen you for such a long while. Is it possible for you and Abang to send photos to her and write simple letters to her so that she will still be in touch with you even if you are not in touch with her?

    I hate this family court delay and pray for things to speed up.

  2. hillary, no we do not have any form of contact with her at all. all we can do is to wait for the other side to call abang to let us know when we can see minmin.

    whatever previous numbers given as form of contact is no longer in use, and we’re also not sure if they’re still staying in the same house as before. one more week, and when abang’s exam is over, he’ll push the court and see what we can do to solve this.

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