Everything seem to be falling in place so timely.

Last week I sent out my first ever farewell email to my friends and partners whom entered or had crossed my path while I was with Yebber. It was a great 16 months journey with Yebber and I have made many great friends and great mentors. I’m very grateful to have everyone of you in my life. In one way or another, each and everyone of you have taught me things that you may not realize. Really, thank you very much for your guidance and support.

The past months had been one of the biggest change to my life. I have, somehow, become a very tiny community personality ‘somebody’ to the social media scene in Singapore. I know I’m just a tiny small fly in the huge world out there, but no matter how small one is, I believe anyone who has the passion and is willing to work hard, anyone can become someone one day. And I hope that I will become that someone one day.

Since I sent out the email last week, I’m very surprised and happy to hear from many of you. You’d given me the push and motivation I needed. Some of you gave me very good advices and even opportunities that I had never expected. There are also many asking “So what’s next for you Claud?“. I didn’t know how to tell you cause I wasn’t ready then.

Tonight I had my farewell dinner with my colleagues from Yebber and it was great seeing them again. It’s been few months since we sat at the same table for a meal together. And thanks for the beautiful gift where I’ll display many beautiful memories in.

After I reached home from dinner, my partner told me the site is up. The timing was perfect! We’d wanted to push it out earlier this week, but due to some changes and configurations, we had to delay it. Although its just a tiny bit of it that’s live now, but I believe in taking baby steps. So yap… here’s what I will be working on…

After more than a decade of “I want to start my own business!“, I’m finally taking the step to really doing it! And there are many many baby steps to take!

What? Claudia are you crazy? You’re 640% broke with no savings! Nothing at all! How are you going to pay your bill and meals?!!” that’s my twin screaming at me from the inside.

To me, this will be an even bigger motivation for me to make this work. I’m giving myself a stronger push than I would if I had the money. When I don’t have the money, I do things the poor people way. And that’s putting in lots of hard work and time and effort to making it work! So Claudia’s going to Make it work!

If anyone one reading this has spare cash to share, and you’re feeling the festive season of giving, my bank and paypal accounts are always open for your donations. Every cent helps. If you’re short on cash (like me), your moral support are most welcome too! Call me for a chat or help me hook up with your friends, family, partners or anyone whom you think might be keen with business opportunities. Let me first thank you all for your support! Thank you!

You can find out more about my business over at 24seven’s official blog or follow 24seven on twitter for updates.

*Gambatte Claudia and team!*

(This post was supposed to be up by 2359 on 11 Dec. But I took 3.5hr to write this short post! So published date ended up on 12 Dec. >.<)