It was a chance that I couldn’t resist to try. Although I’m the sort who will take all predictions with a pinch of salt, but since it was free, no harm giving it a go. So I had my first tarot card reading on Saturday at Majolica Majorca party.

I could only ask one question so I requested to know my career in 2009. Three cards were drawn and the tarot card reader explained what they meant. I was told to stay in my current situation and things will go smoothly if I do. (My current situation?? OMG! That will be a broke businesswoman leh! OR did he mean to say that I will one day become a successful businesswoman?) I need to listen to others contribution and ideas in order to succeed. (Yes! I agree with this. And I’m glad to have the team I’m working with and the greatest mentor anyone can wish for.) And lastly, I was told to find time to enhance the spiritual side of me, which I was indeed lacking for the past 20 over years of my life. (This I will try. Perhaps by spending some time each week with my Wii Fit to practice Yoga!

Besides the Tarot Card reading, there was free caricature too! Above are the ladies I was with that day. Can you guess who is who?

Since it was a Majolica Majorca party, there were lots of cosmetics by Majolica Majorca on display and everything looks so princess-like and ladylike. A little too sweet for me. But I’ve to say, I’m loving some of their products. Namely the liquid eyeliner, their rouge majex and honey pump gloss. My first encounter with these pretty cosmetics was at their opening launch at Watsons, Takashimaya. There was free makeover for the many ladies there too. This time, I took on the Chapter 21 look and had quite a dramatic eye makeup which I have never done. Looks kinda scary at first, but got used to it soon. But I’ll never be able to create that kind of effect on my own, although the makeup artist made it sound so easy. Its just different when you’re doing it on your own.

This event has also brought new lights to my ideas and concepts for 24seven. A lot for me to reflect and learn about. Thanks Nadnut for the invitation and experience. And babe you’ve got your charm and fans yio!

Together at the party aka the “nadnut’s entourage”…

Thanks babe for the experience once again!