I discovered a very cool place today and I’m loving what I saw! If you’re following my other blog, you should have seen these photos uploaded while I was visiting this place. Anyway, I’ve got something special to giveaway.

So if you can guess correctly where this place is located, I will give you this special gift. There’s only 1 gift, so good luck to all those with the correct answer!

Guess where was Claudia!

Was I at a photo gallery?

Or maybe an art gallery?

But it looks like a museum too don’t you think so?

And hey wait! There’s these on display too!


Oh! I was at a new gadget shop lah!

Hmmm… such an interesting discovery right?

So where the hell was Claudia?

Just leave your answer in the comments and one lucky winner with the correct answer wins! Don’t forget to leave your email address so I can get in touch with you k? Contest closes on Tuesday, 15 Dec at 2359hr. Winner will be announced in the post of this mystery location!

*This contest does not apply to those who were at this place with me today!

Click here to view photos taken with Samsung Innov8