As I was going through my twitter page updating myself with what people worldwide are talking and sharing, I chanced upon this twit…

I was interested to find out how HP increases its laptop sales by 85% using bloggers.

And from there, I clicked myself towards HP latest campaigns where they’re giving out USD6,000 worth of products via 50 blogs. Talking about mass social media marketing campaign!

From the previous campaign, quoted from Janet Meiners
The result was that the first five pages of Google results for searches on HP and HP Dragon were blog posts about the contest. According to HP they had over 380,000 links to the 31 sites discussing the contest. Bloggers got over 25,000 contest entries and an average 150% increase in traffic. Here’s the kicker though – almost 85% increase in sales of a computer that was released nine months ago!

I recall a brand doing similar concept campaign here in Singapore where LCD TVs were given out as prizes on several blogs. I wonder if they got the same kind of effect as the HP campaign. Anyone has a case study to share?

This is one of the reasons why I prefer twitter than plurk. Twitter helps me build knowledge, plurk doesn’t. I would love Twitter even deeper if it stops hanging itself so often.