It’s going to be an eventful Sunday and all you need is $2! YES! Really, Claudia is not kidding you. An entire day with lots of fun and entertainment has never been so cheap lah! I’m sure going to go! If you trust me, you’ll want to join me on Sunday too! Here’s what you’ll get to enjoy for just freaking $2!

Bring $2 and head down to the Asian Civilisations Museum. Give that $2 to the counter, get your sticker and you’ll be ready for all the fun that’s to come! Be there before 2.30pm and you’ll get to enjoy a special magic show.

After the magic show, spend the next 3 hours exploring the many wonders at the museum. If you think museum is boring, you’re so so wrong! I had an educational visit at ACM not too long ago. You can read about it here.

And the best thing will happen at around 5pm at ACM! NANTA from Korea will be performing live for all museum goers for free! I saw their performances on youtube and I can’t wait to catch them live here in Singapore! If you’ve not heard of NANTA, watch these clips and I’m sure I’ll be seeing you at ACM this Sunday!

They’re good right?? So will I see you at Asian Civilisations Museum on Sunday? If you’re going, drop me a note. Maybe we can have an impromptu gathering that day! Who’s with me?

Oh! And did I share that Jack and Rai from EIC will be there too?

There will also be bouncing castle, face painting, balloon twisters and more for the kids! I’ll be there with my cameras to capture cute moments of your kids too if you bring them along! Come come! Don’t shy!

Just in case you forgot the details…
Date: 7 December, Sunday
Time: 1pm to 6pm (Magic show at 2.30pm, NANTA at 5pm)
Venue: Asian Civilisations Museum (next to Singapore River)
Fee: Just $2!
Details can also be found at Explore Singapore