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When I first stepped into the National Geographic Store in Singapore, memories of my days with Made With Love flooded through my mind. (Posts about MWL here and here.) The feeling was almost identical! The black interior, the spotlights, the floor, the smell of a newly renovated store and even the temperature inside was so similar! But of course, MWL is no where close to the size and set-up of the world 2nd National Geographic store.

This is going to be an image intensive post. To prevent slow loading of the homepage, you’ll have to click to read more about it. But I assure you, its going to be worth the read!

The National Geographic store (seriously, I wouldn’t call it a store cause its so much more to it!) comes to live here in Singapore after its first launch in London not long ago.

Entering the 1,500 square metres of space at Vivo City is like being transported to the adventure and 120 years of Nat Geo’s history. This place is fit for everyone! Let me show you why…

For those who loves beautiful photos
(This is for everyone! Who doesn’t love beautiful photos??)

If a picture tells a thousand words, you’ll be reading and learning so much more from the wall covered with the amazing collection of photos from around the world. Each tells a story of its own.

Complimenting the display of photos, there are other displays and products that you can bring home if you can afford to. Yes! You can own a piece of Nat Geo’s history and discovery! I was told everything you see in the store are for sale. Even the display shelves and tables too.

And you know what’s the best thing about these displays? These displays are rotated regularly. This is just one way to encourage you to go back often to check out the curated exhibitions inspired by content from National Geographic. (Who says there’s no free museum/exhibitions in Singapore?)

For the adventure goers and travelers

In the almost forever sunny Singapore, its hard for a first time traveler going to the mountains to know the type of clothes and jackets that one needs in extreme weather condition. And the bright folks at Nat Geo realised the problem and have got just the solution for it! Since they can’t bring you to experience the extreme weather on the mountain top, they’ve brought it down to Singapore for you!

In the center of the store, you’ll find this big red container that looks like a refrigerator or sort. This is part of their experience zones, where they simulate the conditions of extreme weather encountered during harsh expeditions.

You can step into the container with your usual sunny-Singapore-clothes and see how long you can remain in there. In the same time, see the change in your body temperature on screen. Until you see your red/orange hues becoming lesser, its time to put on the Gore-Tex jackets and see how it helps keep your body warm even at such extreme condition. And these jackets are amazingly light-weight and comfortable too.

That’s abang trying out one of the jackets

For those who love a touch and see a piece of history

Around the store, you’ll find artifacts from the past, like the hose firefighters used in the past.

For the educators, learners and readers

National Geographic’s extensive travel and cartographic library is there to help fulfill your learning needs. Unlike most of the bookstores, they’ve their books unwrapped for your browsing pleasure. And if you really like what you saw, perhaps you might want to buy one to add into your collection.

How about bringing home a piece of Earth too?

For the forever curious children of our future

There’s a children corner right at the back of the store where you’ll find educational toys that’s fit for our youngest explorers. (It’s never too early to start cultivating their love for adventures and discoveries!)

You can leave your children here while you browse the huge store. These child-friendly rocks are soft and cuddly. They’re not as tough as you thought at first sight. See Abang is trying to lift one up with his bare hands!

Heee… he’s good at pretending isn’t he?

Personally I would love to have a set of these in my future home. Very nice aren’t they?

There’s also show on screen for the kids to keep them occupied.

Children can also keep themselves busy chasing scorpions and rats!

For the fashionable explorers and shopaholics

Try on some clothes or buy them for your friends oversea! It’s not easy to get a piece of Nat Geo’s polo tee you know? You’ll have to fly all the way to London if you’re not living here in Singapore. See how lucky you are!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out their spacious fitting rooms too! Every room has its own unique exterior and interior. So don’t forget to try on more clothes and explore their different fitting rooms!

That’s me camwhoring! LOL!

For those who loves to share and participates in discussions

There’s a mini amphitheatre inside the store too! Here they will hold regular public lectures by some of their renowned explorers, authors and photographers. I’m looking forward to finding out more about these events! I’m sure it’ll be quite an experience listening to them sharing about their journeys and adventures.

This is the space which can be converted for lectures

I was told, Nat Geo will also host free film screenings at Vivo’s outdoor amphitheatre too! Free leh!! Every Singaporeans loveee the word ‘free‘ isn’t it?

Phew!! After 800 over words, I’m still not done sharing about this amazing store lah! There’s just too many things in there for you to see. So why not go check it out soon and tell me about your experience. Nothing beats experiencing on your own.

The National Geographic Store is now open at the first level of Vivo City. Unit 01-18/19/20. Its just next to the escalator where you come up from the train station from basement. Its huge! You won’t miss it!

More photos of the store can be found in my previous Guess where was Claudia contest post.

And congratulation to Shen for winning the beautiful National Geographic Expedition Journal! For the record, winner is picked from a hat.

Click here to view photos taken with Nikon D40

19 Replies to “National Geographic Store in Singapore”

  1. Hi Ron,

    I don’t remember seeing any when I was there. You might want to go there and take a look. :)

  2. Hi Claudia,

    Thanks for the info. I just read about the Nat Geo palace in lifestyle mag and wondering where is this palace…..


  3. I visited the National Geographic store yesterday with my wife and kids. As soon as I walked into the store I was excited by the wonderful displays and fantastic merchandise but this feeling quickly left as I looked at the prices being asked. I could not believe my eyes! My glee quickly turned to disgust as I saw the price for a t-shirt. All I could think was, ‘who would buy this stuff?’. I make a very good living but would never buy anything there when I can get it at a much more reasonable price out side. Sure, some of the books can only be bought through National Geographic but I can get similar books at much lower costs. Sadly, I will not return. Not worth it.

  4. yeah i agree with stephen. the prices of the merchandise is really high. I only like the store for its photographic displays. In fact it’s more like a museum than a store to me.

  5. in term of pricing, i agree they are expensive, but so are branded stuff like Guess and others. but given my money worth, at least NGC spent them in research, science, exploration, etc. Do’t you agree.

  6. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing! But this came so late! If I’d known earlier, I would have gone in to check out the photos! Was there few times during the period. *sadness*

    Now I can’t make it in time. I’m sure it would have been a very enjoyable session for those who’d chance to view the photos.

  7. i don’t think it’s expensive especially for their bags, it’s nicely designed with technologies… will get one bag soon

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