I’ve just buried my planned R&R week and going direct to my predictions and resolutions for 2009.

After hearing about the predictions by the tech65 crew in their 100th episode, I’m inspired to do my own too.

For Gadgets/ Technology
Some company will come up with an ultra cool phone that integrates every social media tools and network with how one would use a phone to connect, communicate and share seamlessly online and offline.

Apple will overtake MS.

For Social Media
After the water testing, observing and monitoring for social media as a marketing and communication channel in 2008, I foresee social media becoming bigger and better in 2009. There will be better and more social media outreach and campaigns for branding and launches in Singapore and SEA.

A well organised, planned and executed social media convention or conference to be held here in Singapore. So that I can attend without burning huge whole in my wallet!

All evil and irresponsible doers in the scene will be banished! Muahahahaha!

For me, myself and I
I will get to design, furnish and work in my very own “google” office. Anyone wants to work with me? Just for the record, I pay with Lays chips and M&Ms!

Claudia’s Wishlist for 2009
World Peace! I don’t want to read about another country being bombed or attacked on twitter. It’s upsetting.

I want my macbook to turn to silver, with black frame, glossy screen, black keyboards, bigger touchpad… ya I think you’ve got the idea.

I want a tiny pretty diamond ring. Will you get one for me?

I want a kick ass brand new DSLR!

And finally… Claudia’s resolution 2009
To fulfill item no. 1 to 8 on my 2008 resolution list.

Ok! Going to catch up with all the overdue sleeping for 2008 before 2009 comes!

Have a blast at tomorrow’s New Year countdown!! There’s more than 30 parties happening! Take your pick! Perhaps we might bump into one another on the last day of 2008!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Psssss… and also counting down to Chinese New Year!! 26 days to go! Yeah!!