It has been quite an eventful year for my career. The journey can be seen like a roller coaster ride and with a super dip at the end of the ride.

The graph above shows clearly my state of being in the year 2008.

This roller coaster ride has been the toughest and most tiring ride for the past 10 years of my life. From my first career which has been feeding me well (very well in certain months with bonuses), to a not-as-well-feeding career and finally to one that has been nice but isn’t feeding me well enough during the time of my life.

But now, at the end of the year (where I used to be able to afford go for holidays, buy nice gifts for christmas and spend good money on myself), I’m in such a bad state that I’ve to find means to sell off things I own which is in sell able conditions and live off Abang’s income (which I’m feeling very guilty and trying hard not to).

My spirit has been very badly shaken by the huge downfall financially and this has affected my personal life and well being. I don’t know how much more I can continue to let the blue line go on down like that. The longer this down line go, the harder and longer it will be for me to make a come back in that area. But I hope with the ever energized me filled with enthusiasm and creativity, the come back financially will be accelerated significantly.

To sum up my career journey in 2008 – It was a bittersweet experience.

My Career Resolution for 2009
To establish my company and grow its brand in the local social media scene. To be able to afford a decent office for my team and to expand out of Singapore by 2010.

PS: If you would like to help contribute to Claudia’s Pocket Money Fund, you can send a cheque to be, transfer to my DBS account or pass cold hard cash when you see me. OR! You can hope on over to my garage sale to see if there’s anything that will be useful for you. Help me clear my stash and also contribute to Claudia’s Pocket Money Fund. Thank you very much!