It’s day 4 of my reflection and resolution week. Seriously! Claudia needs to be spanked! Naughty Claudia didn’t manage to follow her planned posts for the Review and Resolution week! Looks like I’ll have to compact my week! Only 1 more day before 2009 arrives!

So today, I’ll be talking about my social media journey. Which can roughly be rounded up with the following table…

It has been quite a special year and it’d changed so much of me. The people I met, the relationship formed and the things I got to learn about through all the talking, sharing and understanding. I’ve managed to learn a lot from many people’s experience and lessons. (Both the good and the bad.) All just made me a more focused and strong person.

It didn’t come as a shock to me when I finally decided to start my own company. Its not done without any serious thoughts and thinking (except the fact that I totally forgot about the tons of bills to pay) for me to take this step.

Everything seems to be falling into place pretty nicely now. Just a couple more barrier to overcome and things will be stabilized. Thanks to all those who have helped me one way or another! You know who you are! *winks*

Looking forward to a great year ahead!

I seriously need to turn in for tonight. Long day later! I hope to be able to post up my final two R&R posts before 2009 comes! *puts reminders and alarms in my innov8 to remind myself to write those two posts*