The night of 29 November 2008 was the first ever World AIDS Day Concert held here in Singapore. I was there with my best friend and we brought our one love along. It was a rather warm night but that didn’t stop the thousands of people who gathered at Fort Canning for the concert.

Entrance to the concert area

Wristband that was stuck very tightly around my wrist

Can’t really see the crowd but it was packed!

Throughout the concert, the hosts and artists were actively spreading messages to create more awareness for HIV/ AIDS and the facts about it. Most importantly, having just one love.

I’ve to admit, I also only recently started to learn more about AIDS with influence from the chinese drama on TV starring Chan Hanwei and Zoe Tay. And after listening so much and watching the many awareness videos throughout the concert, not only am I more aware about AIDS, I had quite a conversation with my other half while driving home after the concert. The question we had, “Should AIDS have a cure?” Before I share my thoughts, let me know just share more about the wonderful concert and some suggestions I hope the organisers will consider for future concerts.

There was a great line-up of artists for the night with a well mixed performances for a diversified audience. My favorites for the night were The Strikeforce, Hossan Leong, Dim Sum Dollies and Stefanie Sun.

The Strikeforce is almost like the local version of the world famous Blue Man Group. There was water and light effects while they played on their drums. Sadly, there wasn’t enough mics around and the volume projected wasn’t as loud to cause an impact. But still it was an enjoyable performance.

Hossan!! Love his singing and his showmanship. I’m so going to try make it for his stage show in the future. This was the first time I saw him life on stage and wow!

After catching them at Explore Singapore’s media preview, I know I was going to enjoy Dim Sum Dollies performance. But when it happens, I love love love (yes more loves cause there were 3 of them!) their acts! The parking pontianak! The songs and their acts! When will they be performing at the Esplanade?

Like all concerts like these, they’ll always save the best for last. And when she stepped on stage, fans who went to chop seats as early as 1.30pm went crazy and many charged up to the stage front for closer look of their idol and cameras were flashing non-stop at Stefanie Sun.

I cheated, this I took off the projection screen at the side

With such a successful first World Aids Day Concert, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a bigger and even better one next year. If they have more and bigger sponsors next year, I really hope this concert can open free for all and hold it at the Padang! It’s a great way to spread awareness and educate the young ones who rarely watch TV nor read the papers. Through such parties and concert, where they’ll sure go if the artists are right and event is free, more people will get to learn about AIDS isn’t it? Perhaps this might just happen. (I hope)

So now… my thoughts on the title…

Should AIDS have a cure?

I’m looking at this from a personal point of view… so let’s say we finally (after more more than 27 years) find a cure for AIDS,

  • wouldn’t AIDS become just another illness, like a flu, where you’ll get well after some pills or jabs?
  • would we still need the one love movement?
  • would man and woman be as faithful as they are now?
  • would there be more family problems?
  • would there still be needs for condoms?
  • wouldn’t there be raise of social issues?

What do you think? Should there be a cure?

To me, I don’t.

That’s the t-shirt I wore to the concert and I’ll be wearing it again for sure!

For more information and details about AIDS and Love Amplified, please visit their website. Love Amplified was organised by Health Promotion Board.

Click here to view photos taken with Canon Ixus 950IS

More official photos for Love Amplified can be found on flickr too!