Social Media Breakfast Brunch 5 (SMB5) was quite an event!

Photos first. Talk later.

Couple of micro-group shots

Check out the food line-up! I think I’ve some close-up in my innov8. Will post later.

The sweetest couple… click and you’ll know why!

Someone has a google phone.
But he has got a google ipod!

Not so smiley faces…

Than Daniel decided to sing a song for all of us!

Than everyone started laughing…

No lah! He didn’t! But I like what I heard thou. More on this later.

There were Wii games to play!

The 60+% remaining at the end of the session…

I need a power nap! More updates coming later after my nap…

In the meantime, if you were at SMB5 today, can you please help with a simple survey? This will help us improve and bring you better SMB sessions in 2009.

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Click here to view photos taken with Nikon D40