It’s the first day of Christmas and also the start of my week long of reflection and resolution. This is a good chance for me to look back to the past year and see what I’ve done, failed to do and what I should do for the year ahead.

This one week of reflection and resolution will end on 31 December 2008, just in time to welcome the new year.

For a start, here’s a reflection of (some) events and gatherings for the people by the people.

(Did a calendar for myself with the collection of photos over the year. Looks pretty nice so I’m using them here in my first post…)

Chinese New Year celebration with blogging friends

Pizza Anyone?

Yebber’s Anniversary Party

Social Media Breakfast | Singapore at ACM

Hei! Hei! Hei! 2nd Anniversary Party

My Birthday Celebration with friends

Craving for hotpot?

Friends, beer, snacks, and laughter

SMB at URA Gallery

SMB at Samsung

SMB at Samsung

So much have happened and changed within a year. What’s in the past, should be kept in the past. Its time to move on and have a better year ahead in 2009!

Merry Christmas!