Yesterday, after the adventure out at sea, I rushed over to St James Gallery Bar for another media event. It was not what I’d expected, but am glad that it ended pretty quickly. But the most interesting discovery was before we left and we spotted a super familiar face! Nic, Diana and I were starring hard at the Tiger Beer Model at the entrance/exit of TigerLIVE! Can you recognise who she is???

Before I show you the model, here’s why I was there. And some feedback for the organisers, PR agency and whoever it is handling the official website…

Happening on 31st Jan 2009, in-line with Chingay 2009, City Alive! 2009 will creating a big bang outside City Hall from 9.30pm onwards till late night.

City Alive! 2009 is the biggest and funkiest street party in Singapore. You can expect a night f adrenaline rush as you witness the city come alive with the transformation of the street at City Hall Front into a mega dance floor.

It promises a stellar line up of renowned international female DJs from UK and Japan and top local DJ, DJ KoFlow. There’ll also be a battle for street dance supremacy and live performances such as Street Percussion and roving acts. Remember to bring along enough cash too as there’ll be food and drinks on sale for party goers.

So how much for all the above fun and adrenaline rush? $15 for Passion card holders, $20 for advance tickets or $28 at the door by cash. Ticket price includes one drink. Sounds not bad, almost the same as entering a club. Just that it’ll be without the aircon and smokers get to smoke anywhere they want. (Don’t see any no smoking allowed warning anywhere. Especially since the FAQ section on the official website is still ‘Coming Soon‘!!) But if you need to find out more, you can hop over to City Alive! 2009 website.

Whatever that is going to be said below may or may not be useful for you. I consulted a few friends before I posted it. After considering, I decided to do it. Purely for professional discussions and learning. Not to be taken personally. Do not read on if you cannot take constructive feedback.

I DO NOT name the agency in this post, so please do not reply and give yourself away. And readers and friends, please also don’t try asking me who they are. I will NEVER mention names to anyone. But if you know who I’m talking about, appreciate that you keep it to yourself too.

That brings me to my feedback and comments for the organisers and agencies involved. Below are my genuine and constructive feedback from the professional standpoint.

These are what I see as of today on their Official Website

Before the media event, I checked out their website too, and it wasn’t ready. I thought they were waiting for the official release to go out before the update their website. But than today, after the media event, the website is still exactly the same as what I saw last week! Can someone handling the interactive media please do something about it?

Next thing that could be better executed is the implementation of facebook in their campaign. Yes, you would like to use social network tools to help promote and create more awareness for the event. But having four of the same event created in facebook by four different group of people isn’t going to help you generate more awareness you know? And how would you expect visitors of your site to know about the facebook event when its not even linked? I tried clicking on it and it says “Coming Soon”.

Three of the events which I found through search in facebook…

This surely can be much better planned and executed. Having so many events in facebook not only will it not help promote the event, it might even give an impression that the organisers do not know its purpose and use. Interesting comments I found on one of the event’s wall…

See! Even the user is confused.

The most frustrating thing happened. And I’d predicted it to happen after getting the same kind of treatment by the same agency before. It’s sad to see them trying hard to please their client with engagement with bloggers (so that they can be seen as having a good grip of social media) but in fact they aren’t getting it.

This was what I got in my mailbox this morning…

Hi Claudia!

Thanks so much for coming to yesterday’s event! It was great meeting you for the very first time!

I’d like to confirm that your blog URL is

Will you be writing a short post on the event yesterday?

We are really looking forward to reading about it! J

For all my pitch to my clients, I will always tell them that we cannot guarantee exposure nor posts by the bloggers or participants we invite. What we will do is to make sure they get a good session during the campaign and create a good enough experience for them so that they will want to share about it with their friends, family and readers. And we will surely not expect them to blog about it if they don’t want to. Like any media journalists, they do not write about all the media events they attend. It all depends on whether or not your news will add value to their publication or not. Perhaps if you’ve got good relationship with them, you can encourage them to help you with it. So this goes the same too for social media. (updated 18 Jan at 1.50pm) As corrected by a friend, the journalists who attend do write about the event, but it may not appear due to editor’s cut or other unforeseen circumstances. So that brings me to another point, for blogs, the journalist, writer, editor, photographer etc are the same person. So that means bloggers have a choice and right to publish or not to publish even if he/she attended the event. Yes? But now I learn that if you are not prepared to publish an article, don’t attend the press event. But than, it brings me to another thought, if I don’t attend, how would I know if the article is worth publishing or not?

So here it is, my blog post on the event for you. And I hope you were really looking forward to reading this. I am not trying to be difficult here. But I just hope companies and brands will understand why is it important to engage a good social media consultant.

And for the agency, it takes a lot more effort in engaging and empowering the social media. Before you start pitching to your clients that you’ve got what it takes, perhaps you might first want to consider the whole process in details first.

And also to note, brands and other agencies are also out reading blogs like you do. So its not nice if any of your clients or potential clients see something that you’re managing mentioned like the above. I hope you will see the above as constructive feedback to help improve your campaigns and work.

Right… so now, who’s the Tiger Beer model whom we spotted at TigerLIVE?

Here she is…

Isn’t she familiar?? Very familiar right?