Dear You,

Thanks for visiting this humble blog of mine. But as you can see, the blogging activity has dropped over the past weeks. There have been too little time to construct a proper blog post and it seems like things will be like that for awhile.

Life is changing (for the good I hope) for me, and I’ll be very busy occupied with my business plan. When I do return, I hope the post will be a big red invitation for the launch of the baby I’m working hard on.

Until that day comes, and being a thinker and listener, there will always be adhoc posts and things to share. All these will be happening via my mobile phone to Where is Claudia? What is Claudia doing? blog. Its much easier and random to post short entries via my mobile phone when I’m away from my keyboard. (When I’m near my keyboard, its only work and writing proposals in my mind! Yah! Workaholic I am.) If you are following me on Twitter, feeds should be updated there too hourly.

But do look out for couple of Claud talks Gadgets posts. I’ve been wanting to post them up for the longest time! I promise I’ll spend some time next week to get them up.

For now, don’t forget to support and show some love too at Where is Claudia? What is Claudia doing?.



Pssss: I’ve never tried this, but I guess its time to give it a shot…

Guest bloggers needed at

If you have some time to spare, I would love to have you share your thoughts and sharing here. Drop me an email and let’s get this guest blogging thing going. I’m new to this, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

Some topics to consider for your post(s)… reviews/experience with beauty products/services, food, gadgets, movie, travel or thoughts on social media, community management or anything that’s interesting about you.

Looking forward to your email!

Please include your name, blog (if any) and what you would like to post about when you guest blog here at