Technology is always changing, and so does customers need and expectation. Singtel saw this need as a calling, and so they aim to transform their telco image to becoming your multimedia solution provider. And with that in mind, Singtel is changing and improving their customers experience at their stores. No more boring waiting time! There’s much to explore while you wait for your number.

The latest Singtel store at Jurong Point

To get an opportunity to openly take photos of this new store, I woke up early and headed all the way to the west…

And than upon arriving at Jurong Point, I mixed up the basement for the ground floor! This proves that I was probably still half asleep! Anyway, if you’ve not been to the new Jurong Point yet, here’s how the new basement look…

With some navigation help, I managed to find Singtel store (just opposite Samsung) at Unit B1-98/99 (at JP2). And there were four sexy looking things inviting me to touch them!

These are interactive screens where you can browse and purchase multimedia direct to your phones. (Sounds similar to PlayNow Kiosks right?) I haven’t tried exploring and trying it out in details yet, but from the looks of it, the content will be sent to your phone via MMS(?). Price of the songs are slightly more expensive than those from PlayNow, and I’m not quite sure if these are DRM-free too. Will have to check and update this post.

Let’s take a tour around the unique features and concepts of the store with Singtel’s Director of Corporate Communications… from how they enhance the in-store ambiance, embracing the coffee culture and to how they create multimedia solution with their music bar

I personally like the concept of the music bar, so customers can get chance to interact and try it out while waiting. Or they can keep themselves entertained by listening to selection of music using the headphone. Touchscreen is cool, but imagine these interactive multimedia solutions using the multitouch technology on Win7!

Demo of Microsoft Windows 7 Multitouch

There are six of such multimedia bars in store. So you don’t have to worry about hogging it for slightly longer. If not, just head outside the store for non-audio version.

As a Singtel customer for so many years, let me share my experience and delight after this visit.

Finding the right phone
Personally, when I am planning to buy a new phone, I would already have a list of features in mind and how I would like my phone to work for me. So having them displayed according to their brands at the store, may not be the best strategy. I like how Singtel is now seeing the way customers behave, they’ve grouped their displays according to the function and features.

Now these phones on display are still dummies. Apart from the latest from Samsung which have the real thing on display in the center of the shop. If all the mobile phone providers can have a real set on display too, it will surely enhance the experience even more!

Creating visuals
For many customers, it is hard to visualise how a mio setup will look in their homes. So instead of displaying the unit on a shelf and have the customer cracking their visualisation, Singtel has set it up for you.

This is how clean and simple the setup for mio broadband and tv and mobile will look at home. Of course, they don’t have to line-up next to one another.

Not just mobiles
To become a multimedia solution provider needs more than just having mobile phones. There is a corner dedicated to the latest gadgets that will compliment Singtel service.

These displays are all in working condition, so customers can experience the real thing. One which attracted my interest is these stylish looking glasses.


Find out what this is in the video below…

Very cool! But its only working with iPods.

Putting customers first
It is important to make your customers feel welcome and comfortable. I’d been settling my Singtel plans and transactions at Compasspoint. And with limited space, customers have to stand and carry out the entire process. As for those stores where there’s big enough space, the staff would be sitting behind a counter and servicing their customers with a barrier between them. But now, with the coffee culture concept in mind, Singtel have created a closer interaction with their customers.

So now, you can see what goes on behind those screens and if you’re savvy enough, you can even take over control! Having all phone plans, details and information stored, their staff can now provide a better integrated interaction with their customers. Forget about brochures and product flyers, everything is just a click away!

I’m impressed by the commitment Singtel has to improving their system. I always believe in engaging with your audience and giving them an experience that they will talk about. And this new store concept does just that! Looking forward to seeing more of these stores popping around soon!

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