Hello fellow readers of Claudia.sg!  My name is Cullen Hartley and I’ve been blogging on Media Slog since 2004.  Shortly after I started blogging, I moved from America to Singapore in order to work at an international school, and I used my website to document my transition to life on the Little Red Dot.

In September 2005, I attended the Singapore Writer’s Festival and met several prominent bloggers, including Mr. Brown, Mr. Miyagi, and Cory Doctorow, and I realized that my newfound hobby of blogging could be more than just one sided broadcasting: I began to realize the community aspect of the new social medium. I also began to see how interesting, engaging, and sometimes controversial the Singaporean blog community can be.

Since that time I have tried to be a part of that community.  I read and link to other Singaporean bloggers, and I have attended a few blogging events.  Claudia is one of the most prolific and dedicated people that I have met in my blogging endeavors, and I jumped at the chance when I found out she was looking for guest bloggers.

In a few days, I’ll guest blog my review of the Nikon D60.  Some responsibilities at work as well, as my interest in gadgets, prompted me to dip into the world of DSLR cameras.  Claudia’s use of her D40 on this website left an indelible impression on my mind and directly contributed to my decision to go with the Nikon product line.  Did the D60 live up to my expectations?  How does the D60 stand next to its little brother the D40? I’ll soon be detailing the good and bad aspects of this entry level DSLR.

Before I finish, I’d like to thank Claudia for asking me to write this introduction. I hope that my upcoming review can be of some value to her loyal readers.

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  1. Great idea to add guest bloggers in ya blog Claudia.

    Hello Cullen! Looking forward to your reviews on gadgets & more. It’s getting more and more relevant to check out reviews via online means. Most of he local tech mags seemed hopeless in the gadget reviews. I mean, what’s the beef on the scantily dressed gals photographed with the gadgets. ;p

    Plus, wishing everyone a prosperous new year and a healthy one! Huat ah!

    Jonathan Kong’s last blog post..Happy Holidays! And, Thank You!

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