Hello everyone! I’m now blogging live from DXO at Infocomm LIVE! brought to you by iDA Singapore.

Just in case, some of you don’t know where DXO is at, here’s the building. Its just next to Esplanade.

Tonight, we have here with us Dan Lejerskar, Co-Founder, Chairman and Executive Vice President of EON Reality Inc, sharing in-depth with his very own “Seven Keys to Being a Successful Serial Entrepreneur”.

Short introduction of the speaker

Dan is a serial entrepreneur with more than 19 years of experience in Virtual Reality and Simulation. Prior to co-founding EON Reality, Dan also started several successful companies. These include PFAB, a real-estate development company, Prosolvia AB, a publicly traded simulation company, and RealityBUY Inc, an e-commerce company focused on interactive 3D.

Follow me as we uncover the keys to being a successful serial entrepreneur with Dan Lejerskar.

At 5.30pm inside DXO, everything is set-up and ready to go…

Time now is 6.20pm, and everyone’s doing the final checks and setting up. If you’re still not here yet, you might want to make your way down soon. Light dinner will be served at 6.50pm with informal meeting with Dan. Actual event will commence at around 7.30pm.

Crowd is starting to grow and DXO is slowly but surely filling up! Nice music playing in the background with drinks and food for all guests. Dan and his guests are also moving around chatting with guests.

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Warming up on stage… Mike the emcee for tonight

Mike’s sharing about the floatingroom

Light dinner served was pretty good. And everyone’s getting cosy and relaxing around. If you’re alone, don’t be sad, join us for a chat at our floating room!

7.38pm: We’re all ready to go!! Mike going up on stage now… “Hello! Hello! Hello DXO!”

Opening address for the night… today’s programme is brought to you by iDA and supported by TDM and E27! Woohoo! Show some love!! *clap! clap! clap!*

On stage now, Radm Ronnie Tay, CEO of IDA, with his opening speech.

He encourages everyone to leverage the tech initiative and take a go at being an entrepreneur.

On stage now, Dan Lejerskar…

Touching on what is an entrepreneur… from wikipedia.

And next he covers who are the history’s 10 greatest entrepreneurs. With a nice photo of Steve Jobs. He’s one of Dan’s absolute idol!

The seven keys to being a successful serial entrepreneur…

  1. Think Big, start small and scale profitability
  2. Clear pain killer
    Pick the one thing that is of burning importance to the customer then delight them with a compelling idea.
  3. Keep it simple. Stupid
  4. Customer driven development
    Rich custmers! Target those who will move fast and pay a premium for a uniqueoffering. Get key customers buy-in early. Think differently and constantly challenge.

    Giving some ideas and examples of customer driven development. As basic as things your see and do daily. So think differently and you’ll never know what you’ll get!

    The examples Dan’s showing now is beyond description! You’ve got to see it yourself! So sorry… no updates here.

  5. Bring the A-team with you
  6. Speed. Agility. Drive & Frugality
    This will help beat-out the competition! Stealth and speed will usually help beat-out large companies.
  7. Be aware of the weakest link
    Always balance the key business elements: Product development (stay at the drawing board till you get it right), sales/marketing, finance (you don’t need a lot but you need to have enough!), organisation and company culture (this is essential).

Happy people have happy thoughts! Loving people have loving thoughts! Successful people people have successful thoughts! So now I know why wealthy people are always wealthy! Because they’ve wealthy thoughts! So start thinking positive!

Making friends is important too!

The primary emotion for success is enthusiasm!

[Sorry readers, guess we need to wait for the video from Peter for more content from this session. Losing the talk… ]

Company culture has to be united. When one is not with the culture, that person should leave.

Dan urges everyone to make a decision to become one of the very best entrepreneurs in your industry. Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning! Live a full life!

If any of you are looking for a job, contact Dan! His company’s hiring! Contact him!

Q&A/ dialogue session hosted by Justin Lee, Co-Founder of E27. And we have on stage with Dan, Martin, CTO from CISCO and Peter Christiansen, CEO GreenWave Reality.

If someone says your idea is crazy, than you’re on the right track! Continue building and improving, even when you’re successful! Keep aside one day a week for brainstorming and create new innovations.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. One can never keep things on top all the time. Just ensure that they’re above the line. Trust your gut.

You got to push your staff hard. But still build up the spirit in everyone and keep them motivated. You need to find competition within the guys and make them continue to drive the company and with you.

If you’re comfortable with your idea, and if your friends are telling you that they’re willing to buy your idea, than you have it! Start your business. There’s never the right time to start. Anytime is a good time. Yes, even at this recession period.

The first company you start, may not be the one that’s bringing in the money. Its through the years and experience and the relationship you have built that will help create better and bigger companies.

Thank you all for the session and thanks for coming and spending the evening with us.