It was a splashing great time yesterday at Sentosa Cove where Nadia and I embarked on a ride on the Puma VO70. If you still don’t know that the Volvo Ocean Race teams are here in Singapore, it’s still not too late!!

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How can anyone miss this fierce red and black race boat among the fleet at open sea? Its such a beauty isn’t it? Just take a look at this shot I grabbed from the official site…

How can miss the Puma team??

Do you know you can catch them before they head off to Qing Dao for their next leg of Volvo Ocean Race this Sunday from East Coast Park? I was told they’ll be passing by and will be close to shore around noon on Sunday after the blessing of the fleet at 10.30am at Sentosa Cove. This might be the one and only time they’ll be here in Singapore! So it’ll be crazy if you’re going to miss this one in a lifetime chance! If Sentosa Cove is too far off for you, head down to East Coast for a picnic this Sunday! Photographers be prepared with your 300mm (and above) lenses!

Lucky for Nadia and I, we had a 3 hour adventure onboard the Puma Volvo Open 70! Thanks to Jayden, Nadia, Josiah and the kind and friendly people at Puma!

Here’s our adventure… with lots of photos which I risked my life snapping on the fast moving and 45-degree tilted boat!!

To prove that it was really 45-degree tilted, here’s a shot of the yacht compared with the horizon of the sea…

Imagine sitting on the lower end of the boat! My left hand was holding on to a rope so tightly and my right hand trying to capture this shot! And in my mind, chanting “Please don’t fall! Please don’t fall!”

Here’s another shot of the higher side with the fantastic Puma crew…

Very nice color isn’t it? The red and black on the crew against the beautiful blue sky! And Puma sure knows how to dress the team smart and nice! More photos of the team coming up! Can you spot the cute ones among them?

You can find out more about the Puma team from the official website for Volvo Ocean Race.


I’ve no idea what Nadia was doing…


The more I look at the photos I took that day, the more I want to dress my abang in Puma outfits lah!! Looks sooo handsome right? *coughs*

Ok, enough of the mouth-watering eyecandies… back to the adventure…

The ride was not just sit and relax kind. Everyone onboard had a chance to experience the work these men do everyday. If I were to do what they do on a daily basis, I’ll probably lose half of me in a week! Hmmm…. not bad huh?

Throughout the adventure, the crew were testing their sails and doing all kind of work. It was amusing for me as they seem to be doing things so randomly but yet they’ve got things done efficiently. I was standing next to the one of the watch captain as he instruct his crew. Few words I caught were “tagging” and “chicken little”!! Roughly I know whenever I hear tagging, I’ve to keep clear of all ropes around me and to watch my head and balance as the sail will be changing direction.

Can you spot Nadia in the photo?

There she is!

Gabriel and Ronda in action

Six men will be needed at the ‘grinder’ (as shown above), a winch on board a sailboat and is used for hauling in and tensioning a variety of sail handling and control lines. All of us had a go at grinding. It needs lots of upper body strength and a very good balancing skill! I did it with one of the crew and he was going so fast that I lost control. On my second try, he told me to hold on tight and boy! my arms!! Never in my life have I spin my arms at that speed lah!

That’s me on the grinder with Michi Mueller (i think that’s his name!)

When its time for the real thing, the crew took over the work and all of us stood along the sides to watch. They all did it with such ease!

And this is what the guys were doing… creating a smaller sail.

Few more photos from the adventure…

The Puma cougar was all over the place! So fierce and it sure helps boast the energy and motivation of the team during the race!

Hope this post created a little excitement in you for the Volvo Ocean Race (aka the F1 race in the sea)! This weekend is your last chance to check out the race village at Sentosa Cove. Although you will not be able to experience the ride onboard, but the activities at the race village should give you a good feel of life onboard too!

With the volvo grinding challenge, a simulator to experience the feeling of being onboard the volvo open 70 yacht, a dome which gives a cinematic experience behind the scene of living on board VO70 and so much more fun! Best of all, all these are free!! Just head on down to Sentosa this weekend for your last chance to catch a glimpse of them before they set off for the next leg of the race.

According to the team, the next race is one that will be very emotional for the team and their families as it’s one of the most dangerous and unpredictable leg in the entire race. I wish the Puma team all the best and a successful and safe trip to Qing Dao! I’m sure going to be following the race at! Also check out Puma Ocean Racing site at!

Read Nadia’s post about her adventure here!

Click here to view photos taken with Nikon D40