We were all once a child before. Some of you already having your own. So what I am going to share, is nothing new to you. And all I hope you will do, is to give a little support to these children who need your help. This is a call for your pledge for more hope for these children.

I may not have seen the worst, but I have seen enough…

  1. The parent who couldn’t afford to buy a proper meal for their children.
  2. The parent who can’t accept the reality that their child is autistic.
  3. The parent who can’t understand why their perfect child isn’t able to learn like other children.
  4. The single mother who is trying to get ends meet, had to make her 10-year-old daughter to work with her at the coffee shop serving beer to the uncles and men.
  5. The child who has no one to turn to at home because her parents are always no way in sight.

All these and much much more. There are simply too many problems, family and children in need. Most of the times, the children in these cases are innocent and were brought to the situation by the lack of love, concern, care and support from their parents and family. But there is still hope. You can help them!

Singapore Children’s Societyhttp://www.childrensociety.org.sg

M.I.L.K – Mainly I Love Kidshttp://www.milk.org.sg

The above are two local initiatives who are here to help these children. But it takes more than just their love, support, time and programme to spread out to so many children out there. Yes, there are fund raising events, flag day, donation drives and charity runs organised to help raise funds and awareness. But now, there is one more way for you to help…

Samsung has set aside USD700,000 for total of 21 beneficiaries from 5 countries. All of them already will receive a base sum set by Samsung. But now, you can help Samsung decide how they can distribute the remaining sum. Help them by pledging your hope at Samsung Hopes Take Off.

I have made my pledge. Have you?

If you have a blog too, you can help spread the words out…

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Hope Takes Off !