We are what we read. Or are we what we read? And we read what we want to read.

Newspapers, magazines, books, websites, blogs, twitters, and even photos in facebook or flickr. There are so many updates every second, you can’t possibly be reading everything you come across, so which do you read? What elements help you decide which article to read in your RSS feed, or which magazine to buy off the newsstand?

When I was in primary school, newspaper wasn’t part of the curriculum. But I had time flipping through the comic section, which I don’t remember seeing now. In those days, there would be 2 full pages of comic strips and those are the only things I read. Later in secondary school, we were somewhat forced to read at least one article every week and write a summary of the article in our scrapbook. And since there’s no focus on which topic or section we have to choose, I pick the lifestyle and entertainment section. What one reads depends on one’s interests and stage in life. Just like the girls in primary school reads Teenage magazines, those in secondary read Teens and than when one matures, they start reading Cleo, Her World or even Woman magazines.

And now, I stopped buying magazines. Even if I should get tempted by the freebies that comes with the magazine, I would usually buy and chuck the magazine aside after flipping through it once. I seldom touches the papers. Why would I want to spend $5 on a stack of papers when I can get my reading pleasure online? I would also like to see that I’m saving earth by not buying those magazines.

Now that there are so many (daily new) content online, reading options increases but we’re still left with the same amount of time to spend reading (or perhaps even lesser since we are spending way much time checking out friend’s statuses, videos and photos in facebook!).

So what do you read on a daily basis? I’ve grouped my readings into tabs with netvibes, but I also follow many on twitter who shares good reads in their tweets.

Than there’s the ad-hoc msn messages, facebook posted items and emails that leads you to even more reading! If I loose control and continue clicking, no work will be done by the end of the day!

So we started selective readings, we read what came within our sight when we are in our reading time. We read links whom we respect and trust share. We read what our closer friends write. And when we really need something that’s to a topic, we search.

What about you? What do you read on a daily basis? Or should I ask, how do you read?