If you’re wondering what’s happening to Claudia lately, than this post is for you!

Before I share my story, let me introduce a new banner (section) to the already messy blog…

Yap! That’s right! This is where I will share about my experience, pain, sorrow, excitement, journey, happiness, story and so on with you (whoever you are). Since I’m only a couple of months into my journey as an entrepreneur, I’m sure this section will be an extensive collection of experiences and stories that perhaps one day, someone somewhere might be keen to help me publish it into a book! Than I might become the next Guy Kawasaki? *blank stare at myself*

Right, so why is Claudia, the already panda, becoming even more like a panda with double punch on the eyes? That’s because starting up is NOT easy! If you read anywhere telling you how easy it is to start your own business, its all bull shitake (ref to @guykawasaki)! Especially the part where you start forming your team, getting your developers and the non-developers in sync to work on the big picture, setting up the accounts, settling down in the office, building up your leads, meeting people, pitching ideals, sending that first service order and so much more!!

That’s what I’d been doing for the past one month, almost 24hours 7 days a week! That causes me to lose my radiance and adding more darkness to my already dark panda eyes. As witnessed by my team who are seeing me turn more and more chao lao as the days passes! I think I might look like this even before I’m 60!

But I’ve to admit, no other job will ever beat the kind of excitement and rush one gets for starting up on its own! And I’m very grateful to have a great team to work with. And also am very blessed to have met the many angels and saints that I’ve befriend. All your support and encouragement means a lot to me and my team.

If you’re interested to find out the real life experience of an entrepreneur who’s thirsty for survival and hunger for success, than come back for more from Claud the Entrepreneur (aka CTE!! How interesting!). The journey on CTE is never a smooth going one. There might be breakdowns along the way, jam that goes on and on during peak hours, the occasional slow moving traffic and time at night where you see speeding cabs and vehicles dashing to who-knows-where for who-knows-what.

I will be back (whenever I can) to share bite size stories with you. Till than, look out for a few to-be-typed and published reviews. Hope I can squeeze time out between work and rest over the weekend to get these reviews out.