Put Armani and Samsung together and you get this…

Samsung M7500

Slim sexy white (or black) Emporio Armani phone with flashing luminous light that’s great for clubs and the dance floor. The side with the branding is where the lights illuminate. There’s green, blue and red.

Not quite the type of phone I would use. But well, I’m sure there are a market for such fashionable and head-turning phone. Especially with this sexy logo of GA at the back!

The soft-to-the-touch, rubber-like feel and texture which was supposed to give it a more senses touch, to my bf, it made it feel almost like a toy. (What an expensive and branded toy!)

If you’re into the looks, branding and touch of phones, than this Emporio Armani phone is for you. The keypad is flat but feels silky when touched. Perhaps the best feature of this phone imo is the touch of the center button. Don’t ask me why, but I just can’t stop feeling it! *hmmm*

What’s an entertainment phone with no multimedia control buttons? These aren’t missing from this slim phone. On the right side of the phone, you can find these…

The Music Hotkeys

And did I mention that you can use your sexy earpiece with this too? It supports the standard 35mm jack.

More information about the phone from the official website…

Specially designed with unique EA logo and fonts, the deep black graphic user interface employs premium 2.2-inch 256K advance AMOLED display technology to offer pure visual delight. Go beyond conventional LCD-based GUI, for blacks that are blacker, whites that are whiter and razor-sharp contrasts that are absolutely stunning.

One feature to highlight is the music recognition (which I also witnessed similar feature on the HTC Dream phone at the Android launch)

Advanced music recognition feature lets you instantly identify any song, anywhere. Simply hit record for a few seconds, send your recorded clip to the SHAZAM server and voila! Within seconds you’re provided with the artist and title of the song, and a link that connects you directly to an online music store.

This phone comes in very nice packaging of course!

This phone can be found at Samsung.

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