Work’s picking up faster than I’d expected, and there are so many things that I wish I could do but can’t. I’ve started rejecting or even canceling invitations that I really wish to attend. But there’s only 24hr and 7 days in a week. Working at 24seven already is taking up most of my 24/7. From all the many invites I got, for those which I think would be of interest to you (cause they’re to me), I will share them here in my blog still.

If I’d rejected your invites or events, its not that I don’t love you nor I’m not interested. There must be a reason why I’m on your contact or media or blogger list. And that reason is clear – you know I’m keen and interested. So don’t stop inviting if someone turns down the invite once, keep those invitations coming (or going). Unless that person stated clearly that he/she is not keen on your company or product. Than you can perhaps remove them too.

So anyway, here’s one of those events which I would really want to go if I had the time. It’s a showcase of Malaysian Independent Films at Sinema Old School.

Happening from 27th of February to 1st of March of 2009, the inaugural showcase of Sinema’s SinemAsian series on South-East Asian Film will draw upon the indie film scene from Singapore’s closest neighbor – Malaysia. The festival is called Filem Bagus!

Tickets will be priced at $10 each. Group discounts are at $8 per ticket with a minimum of 10 tickets purchased. Season passes are available at $40 where one can catch all 6 films at the price of only 4.

Here’s one of the film I would like to catch if I’m able to… but that weekend’s packed for me already! *sadness* If anyone has caught this show or will be catching it, do share what you think of it k?

Things We Do When We Fall In Love (PG)
This is the second part of James Lee’s Love Trilogy which takes another look at unfaithfulness or rather faithlessness.

The movie follows two unfortunate secret lovers who are constantly looking for a solution to their situation. Both of them are always arguing over their relationship. One day they went to a trip out of the city, into the outskirts. They hope they can solve their problems or at least escape them temporarily. They donʼt have a solution, and they donʼt understand why they are together. One thing that keeps them together is their love and care for each other.

Things We Do When We Fall In Love was also screened in our very own Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF) in 2007.

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