Let’s Talk About Sex! (For females only!)

I’m sooo behind time and I’m sacrificing my limited time tonight, in between a proposal, to get this up so that you ladies out there won’t miss it. I always stand by the phrase “Good things must share!” So here… I’m sharing Sex with you my lady friends. (Cause internet is for porn!)

For females only! Head down to Vivo City by 21 Feb 2009 and discover what true inner beauty is! This is one of those time where you leave your bf, steady, husband and guy friends outside while you and your girlfriends spend some time pampering yourself. And best of all its FREE! (Don’t you just like that word?) Got free goodie bag too! Which comes pack with discount vouchers, free trials and a sexy condom too!

Get truly gorgeous and head down to Vivo before they pack up and leave! Catch sexciting exciting activities such as pole dancing demonstration, communicating love workshop and eyebrow trimming services, or simply enjoy a free coffee and R&R at the lounge. Get ready to show your girl power! Because beauty begins with being empowered!

This is happening at VivoCity Central Court B, Level 1 from 16 to 21 Feb 2009. This event is brought to you by HPB and sponsored by many many other brands. But that’s not really important. Most important is you get to discover yourself and get FREE stuff! *LOL!*

I’m not going to say much, let’s let the pictures do the talking… but don’t just scroll, view and forget leh! Bring all your girlfriends down and get that goodie bag! It’ll come in handy! *winks*

You not going get to learn. But you get to shop too!
But sorry, you can’t buy anything there. Just window shop k?

No! These are not free! Nor for sale!

Relax yourself at the lounge.
Don’t worry, no saleman will come up to promote them!

And take a shot at the ‘Reveal your future’ booth.
See how you’ll look when you’re 60!

I think I look more like 80 in the picture loh!

Click here to view photos taken with Samsung Innov8

Truly Gorgeous on facebook and the event here.
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13 Replies to “Let’s Talk About Sex! (For females only!)”

  1. @superman, sorry to disappoint. haha! but this blog is rated G leh. :P

    @arzhou LOL!

    @walter but that’s what the campaign is about mah. making woman want to talk more about sex and pamper themselves from within.

    @kenny, yap, that’s the thing in the goodie bag. woman should be prepared too, not just wait and expect the guys to carry one.

    @george, ya i know. of cos chao lau lah! every night i work till late and morning had to be out for meetings or to office. how not to be chao lau leh? But anyway, thanks for the link back to ping.sg. If you don’t have a blog, can just leave their field blank.

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