Morning fellow campers, participants, friends and foes! It’s the morning of Barcamp SG!! I’m sure now, Preetam and his group of volunteers are setting up and making sure everything is in order. While I’m on my way to Clementi now, in the train. Hope I can get there by 9am.

I will try my best to do some live blogging throughout the day and perhaps if voters voted, I may do one impromptu session to talk about “Live Blogging”! Hmm… imagine doing that and live blogging at the same time!! Hohoho!!

Right, time now on my mac is 8.20am. I’ve 40mins to get down there in time. I’ll be back once I reach NP.

Oh wait! Yap! The Red is with me today! Come meet her and take a photo k?

Alright… looks like I’ll be twittering and flickering instead!! Follow the action at #barcampsg3!